Sunday, September 25, 2011

Morning walk/jog

It was in the low 40's and the sun had been up for less than a half hour, but I decided to take advantage of being free from mom-duty and get my workout in.  Put on some tunes, walked to the corner, stretched and then did my usual walk/jog combination - just under 3 miles total with one big hill.  Fighting some shin pain that is annoying, but not awful.  Mostly frustrating.  Most will tell you that you are doing too much too soon, but how can jogging a few minutes out of a 30-40 min workout be too much?  May lay off the jogging until next weekend (Jog for the Cause 5K).  Should be able to get a couple bike workouts and at least one swim in this week even with my husband going back to work (thank you Lord for a brief respite from unemployment).


  1. If you are new to running, almost anything beyond a fast walk can be too much. The other thing to consider is your stride. Running badly can be worse than running too much? How are your feet hitting the ground, exactly? Where does your foot strike the ground first? How hard? Often per minute? Is your knee straight or bent? Where is your centre of gravity compared to your foot at the instant you touch down?

    Running is so simple a child can do it, and so difficult adults have difficulty. Having a more experienced running watching you and advising can make a huge difference.