Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trying to Run

It got warm again today - upper 80s with tons of sunshine.  I waited and almost punted the walk/run I had planned.  But in the end, I set out after my son got back from football practice.  I just told myself to "Shut up and run".  Love Beth's blog!  Really should get me a sticker or two. :) 

I plugged into some nice tunes to keep the pace up and briskly walked for the first song, then stretched at the corner, then briskly walked the next several songs breaking into a jog on the choruses (my own kind of adapted couch to 5k).  Occassionally, I'd walk through the chorus repeat at the end or jog from one power pole to the next or the length of the little retaining walk along the sidewalk.  Whatever I could do without pushing too crazy.  But I got my heart rate up a bit more and went a little farther and faster than I normally do.  Walked up and down my cul-de-sac for a cool down and then came inside and did some stretching and further cooling down while shuffling kids through the shower and teeth brushing.

Hard to imagine ever getting to the point where running doesn't suck so much.  But I guess it is time to embrace the suck and just look forward to the swim and bike parts of the training.  Missed swimming last week since I never made it to a pool.  Have a meeting in Columbia tomorrow so will hit the ARC and get in some laps.  That works out nice.  I had been going up there a few times a week most of last winter and fall, but now I have less work all around and can't really justify the gas or time expenditure for a 30 min swim. 

Anxious to read all the race reports from last weekend, but some folks must have way more of a life than me because I've only seen a few.  Is it shameful to live so vicariously through other athletes?  I admire everything they do/have done to get to where they are now.  It gives me hope that I could possibly get there in a few years too. 

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