Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fri/Sat Swim/Bike

The Osage River (near the confluence with the Missouri River) has dropped several feet in the last few weeks and there was actually some current again (as the MO has gone down too).  So yesterday, after we let the kids do some tubing, my friend and I swam (mostly in place) while the kids jumped off the dock and swam around while the husbands started dinner (yay)!  Then, the little kids went up to the cabin while we swam up river a ways (with my son - 10 - following).  For not really being an athlete, my friend swims FAST!  I was a little frustrated that she was whipping my butt even with poor form when I have been working at this for a while.  Swimming against the current made it hard to get where we were going.  We went up a few lots (measured it on a map - about 150 yards upstream) and did some more swimming in place while my son floated (life jacket) back to where we started and then we finally swam back.  There was quite a bit of visiting during all the swimming in place. 

Ate some awesome bratwurst after we got out and then all the kids wanted to go back in the river so I agreed to supervise.  I mostly swam in place (against the current) while watching them climb up and jump off a million times as the sun set.  But this ended badly.  The bugs were out in full force so I swam out away from the bank a bit.  I started coming back in and got bit on the head by a horsefly.  Ouch!  So I tried to duck under the water to get away from it and didn't get my breath right and started choking on a bunch of river water.  Came back up and still couldn't get the dang horsefly away from me except now my overly full belly was revolting from the choking.  Yes, I know I should have waited before swimming after eating.  Duh!  So as I'm tossing up part of my dinner in the river (and thanking God for a little current to wash it away), I'm telling the kids to get out (still coughing up the river water) and the little ones panicked and ran to get my husband.  Lord, how embarrassing.  It was getting dark and I felt like a total idiot.  And as I was getting out, I was STILL getting bitten by that horsefly.  My friend's husband finally killed it and I was able to go up to the cabin and collect myself.  Ugh!  But I must have gotten a somewhat decent swim workout - I was feeling it as I went to bed.  Such a wimp.

Then this morning, as I saw the sun coming up through my bedroom windows, I was telling myself to pull my body (which felt like lead) out of the gravitional pull of my bed and go for a long-ish bike ride.  It was only in the upper 70's when I finally got going, but it is supposed to get hot today so I headed out.  Rode from home to a little past the Capitol and back.  The hills on this route were kicking my backside.  I had to stop and catch my breath a few times and flat out get off and walk a couple of times (by the National Cemetery and again by the daycare).  I did eat something this time (PB sandwich before I left) and drank water throughout the ride.  For a comparatively short ride (9.5 miles), it was a suffer-fest.  I've gone further with less suffering before.  Ugh!  My lungs were hurting from trying to breathe.  Someday this will be easier!

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  1. First of all, I didn't think there was such a thing as non awesome bratwurst.

    Secondly, hydration and nutrition while riding cannot be understated but some days just kick your butt and other days you do the kicking.

    What was your goal for the 9.5 mile ride? I find it necessary to define my goals beforehand. This way I know if, even if I'm slower than expected, if I am doing what I need to. Something to think about.