Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Package/Bummer Walk

The heat came back with a bit of a vengeance this week, but is supposed to abate again pretty quickly (as in, by Monday when the high is only going to be 77°!).  I didn't drag myself out for any kind of exercise yesterday so I did a little bit of light strength work last night and feel like I've tweaked nearly every major joint in my body - knees and elbows being the worst.  Grr...I didn't even do that much! 

Yesterday did bring one really lovely surprise!  UPS man rang my doorbell with a small package from my sis.  She was running a little behind on my birthday, but when the package revealed not one, but four new items for my workout wardrobe, I was just giddy!  Three capris and one pair of shorts from Target's Champion workout line.  One pair is a little big and not my favorite style so I think I am going to return them and exchange them for something else.  If you read my "Heart 5K" report, you will remember that I didn't own ANY workout/running shorts of any kind and had to wear my tri shorts!  Yay for new clothes!  Her birthday is right after mine and I just mailed hers too (apparently all the cool kids are doing that).  It is also tri-related.  She's doing Lake Geneva, WI tri next weekend.  Go sis!

Went for a walk with my husband tonight which was a total bummer!  I've really enjoyed my new fitness level allowing me to keep up walking with him (tall guy) and still have a conversation, but tonight he was in a mood and it was bringing me down.  It was not a nice time and it was crazy warm (with a breeze that was so warm it didn't even feel good). And it is mostly over stuff that is out of our control.

Tomorrow evening we're headed over to a friend's cabin on the Osage River.  I checked and I could bike there in about an hour (just under 11 miles with one long, nasty climb).  It is pretty curvy with narrow roads so the husband didn't seem to think it was a good idea.  Guess I'll figure out another option for a longish ride over the weekend, but at least I'll get some swimming in.

I haven't 100% decided about Club Nationals, but am leaning toward skipping it.  Haven't even had the guts to bring it up to my husband.  I'd really like to go and we have plenty of savings to cover the financial side of things, but the timing is really bad with the other business trip following so closely.  Sometimes being a responsible adult is just no fun.

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