Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Setting Goals

Our weather has been awesome, but I haven't taken advantage.  Life just gets in the way sometimes.  Brownies with my daughter one night, both kids underfoot another (with husband gone).  But took a little time today to pick the brain of someone who has been there and done that in the triathlon world.  Thanks Joe!  And one thing that we talked about was setting goals.  But even more than setting them, I think it is important to throw them out there for everyone to see.  Something about making my goals public that will make it harder for me to blow them off.  Some are more general training goals and some are races I want to shoot for (as I find I stick to training better when I have that solid "I paid money" goal out there).  Although I'll have to update the list as 2012 dates come out.

General training goals until February (when I will start a tri-specific training plan):
- Swim at least once per week (30-45 min)
- Walk briskly at least twice per week (30 min)
- Slowly add in jogging to the walks
- Bike once per week "long" (1hr-1.5 hr); an "easier effort" ride
- Bike once per week "short" (30-45 min); a "harder effort" ride (maybe hill repeats)
- Benchmark at least once every 2-3 weeks
- Stretch after every workout!

- Jog for the Cause 5K on October 1
- Thanksgiving Day Pie Run (5K or 10K?)
- Maybe one more 5k during Oct? 
- Early April Shakespeare's Duathlon?  Never done a du. 
- Early May Trizou (Sprint)
- Early July Pewaukee Tri (Sprint) - probably do this with sis again
- Late July Show Me State Games (Sprint)
- Late Aug Olympic Distance Tri TBD (eyeing Lake St. Louis)

Additionally, this winter I want to work on some weight loss goals.  I need to figure out some more specific ones in this category.  Since Jan 1, 2011 to today, I'm down about 25 lbs, but most of that loss was early on and it has slowed a lot through the summer.  I'll think on these and come back. 


  1. As best you can, go for training consistency. Better to go for 3 short walks because that can be fit in, than trying to do one longer walk. Same applies when you run or bike. It's important to remember that at first you are training to build the habit of training, rather than trying to achieve any specific goal.

  2. Isn't that true about life? I hope you're able to find a level of training that gets you where you want to be :) All of your stuff sounds totally doable... let's hope life is in on the plan!

  3. Thanks for the great conversation. I can't wait to hear about your continued successes!