Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little sore...

My labor day didn't quite go as planned.  I ended up helping out my sis-in-law and her teenage daughter with a long overdue cleaning out of two rooms (one 3' thick in CLOTHES!)  Then I got home and the weather was GORGEOUS and so I walked to my mom-in-law's house (1.13 miles away so 2.5 mi give or take round trip) to drop off something and chat for a few minutes while I got some water before heading back.  I listened to some music and really tried to keep up a very brisk pace.  But I failed to stretch when I came home (because I went right back into mom mode and getting everyone ready for the week).  So last night as I laid in bed, I felt things start to stiffen up - from the bending and stooping of cleaning or the brisk walk - hard to say.  But I was feeling it.

It is another beautiful day here in central MO.  Wow!  Blue, blue skies - lots of sun.  Cool morning - 48° when I got up, but it is supposed to be in the 70s later.  I have a meeting at one and I really need to do something that resembles work this morning so I might push for a bike ride late this afternoon.  I have some library books to return and that would be a reasonable distance to ride.  This is the weather I wish we had all year!  LOVE IT!

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