Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Dance 2/Pilates

My friend Stacy rocks!  I was sitting here reading blogs - having just told dear husband to go on his walk alone - when she called and suggested we work out tonight.  Umm...ok.  She came to my house (nothing better than delivery, eh?) and we did several songs on my Just Dance 2 game (she knows most of them and picked the harder/faster ones save a couple my 7 year old picked out to do with us).  Then we did a 20 min pilates dvd that was a lot of leg and ab work.  Felt how tight my right hip is - hadn't noticed it really before.  Got some good sweating and stretching that sucked less because I was doing it with a friend.  Wish our lives jived more so we could work out more often.

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  1. The best friends are those we share sweat with, in my opinion!