Monday, September 19, 2011

Swim/Walk Day

Just when I had finally sat around long enough to tell myself to quit with the excuses (shut up and walk/jog as the case may be) yesterday, it opened up and downpoured - then it got dark.  No real excuses, but I just didn't get off my duff and get moving yesterday.  But I knew I was going to Columbia today for a dental appointment and to check in with my surveyor friends so I also knew that I would get in a swim workout - YAY!

Knocked out 35 min in the pool.  Until the last 10, I was the fastest one in the lanes - seriously lapping two old guys and a younger lady that had web finger gloves on.  But then a CMC guy got in the pool after I offered to share my lane with him and he was way faster than me.  Not a big deal although he looked about 10 years my senior (although I'm getting really bad at guessing age).  Tried to keep up with him on one of my last laps just to see if I could - it was close but no cigar.  I'll chalk it up to having swam for 25-30 min longer than him.  Overall, it was a good workout and I continue to be amazed at how far I've come in just six months of swimming regularly.

Got home and ate a little supper and hung out with the family enjoying a GORGEOUS fall evening (our cloudy skies this morning gave way to some serious blue sky with sun and a cool breeze).  So when my dear husband wanted to go for his evening walk, I tagged along (again thankful that my newfound fitness allows me to do this now - he is tall and walks fast).  We did our fairly standard 2.1 mile loop in the neighborhood and chit chatted about the day.  I felt like I was working a little harder than normal to keep up with him - hoping that maybe he had just picked up his pace for some reason or maybe I was a little tired from my swim time.  Got home and downed some water and sat on the porch watching the kids play with their neighborhood buddies.  What a beautiful end to the day!


  1. Gotta watch out for those old guys. Some of us can swim surprisingly fast.

  2. In the pool, I make no assumptions based on appearance. (Well, unless they are wearing board shorts, string bikinis, or don't have goggles...)

    I've been lapped by 60 year olds and 10 year olds alike.