Friday, January 6, 2012

Waste of a Nice Day, but Read/Swam

It was darned near 60° on a day it shouldn't have hit 30°.  It was pretty windy, but I could have stood it for a run or even a bike.  But I got engrossed in a book and finished it just as the kids were coming home from school (yes, not a lot of work done today either).  Husband was off beginning the butchering process (we spend most of a Friday and Saturday one weekend every January butchering hogs with the neighbors and a couple of friends).  The kids hung out (sometimes inside and sometimes out) and I puttered around.  Really no reason that I didn't get outside for the last bit of that sunshine.  Just didn't.

Then we went to the grocery store so I could get everything for the green and fruit salads I am supposed to bring tomorrow for the lunch to feed the butchering crew.  We also grabbed a couple meals at the deli and shared them with the kids.  Came home and put everything away and grabbed our suits to head to the Y for a quick swim.  I got in about 40-45 min of laps while the kids played with their dad and each other.  My husband was pretty tired and got out and sat and watched the kids for a while.  It was nice having him there so I could just focus on my workout. 

Food today wasn't too inspired.  Had the rest of the FF beans for another lunch burrito.  Breakfast was a handful of animal crackers (not iced).  I wasn't really feeling like "food", but wanted a little snack midmorning.  I also had a Cutie orange.  Dinner was half of a takeout container of fried rice and sesame chicken and two crab rangoon. 

Will have to do a whole post on all the books I've read in the last several months.  Some have been mentioned, but I haven't really reviewed them much.  Most would be of interest to the crowd that frequents here.  For a preview, here is the list as I can recall it:
  • My Life on the Run - Bart Yasso (today's addiction)
  • Trizophrenia - Jef Mallet
  • A Race Like No Other - Liz Robbins (about NYC Marathon)
  • Run Like a Girl - Mina Samuels (picked after reading Kovas's review)
  • Run Like a Mother - Shea/McDowell
  • Slow, Fat Triathlete - Jayne Williams
  • Iron Heart - Brian Boyle (another read in less than a day)
  • Born to Run - Christopher McDougall
  • The Everything Running Book - Art Liberman (in all honesty - I never finished this one)
  • The 12-Week Triathlete - Tom Holland (I purchased this last spring)
  • Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week - Eric Harr (also purchased last spring)
I think that is all of them.  I've read a lot more books in the last year than I have probably since college!  And maybe since before then as engineering students don't have to read a lot - LOL.  I'm enjoying becoming a student of the sport.  I'll try to do a brief review of the pros/cons of each of these books.  Some of them I felt like I was the last blogger on the planet to read, but some you may have missed so I hope you find my review interesting (totally unbiased and unpaid - all were gotten from the library except the last two which came from Barnes and Noble on my own dime).  I need to go back to the library and see which others on my Bookworm list I can find.  I'm out of books since I had expected Yasso's book to last more than a day.


  1. I recommend "Mile Markers" by Kristin Armstrong. I just read it last month and it was great!

  2. I love reading about triathlon, biking and running. I have read many great books.

  3. As an engineer, make sure you pick up Joe Friel's "Triathlete, Training Bible". More info than most people want to know. Have a great weekend!

  4. I haven't read any of these save for Born To Run which I enjoyed, at least in terms of an adventure/travelogue.

    And like (I think) I've said before, it's all about consistency. Fitting in 45 minutes if training on an otherwise busy day is totally great.

  5. I barely read anymore, though I'd like to do more. I look forward to your reviews on some of the triathlon books.