Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back in the saddle again...

My daughter got invited to her friend's last night for a sleepover and the boys were headed to the farm to hunt rabbits so I snuck in a quick trip to the Y this morning after breakfast.  I had just enough time to do 10 miles on the stationary bike and about 2/3 of a mile on the indoor track.  I got home just in time for my daughter to be dropped off!

Then, as the sun warmed the afternoon into the mid-40's, Stacy called and suggested a bike ride since she was lucking out with one of her kids going to a friend's house.  She showed up about 2:00.  We had to take my daughter with us who was a bit whiney between staying up a little bit late and the stiff wind we were fighting.  But we got our 5 mile loop to the National Guard and back finished.  I'm really liking my new bike tights even if the pad isn't perfectly shaped.  I only wore a heavy sweatshirt and a t-shirt on top and was a smidge cold since we had to go on the slow side.  I look forward to dragging Stacy along on some longer training rides this spring.

Had a big salad for dinner after snacking on some pretzels and animal crackers this afternoon.  Lunch was leftover chicken fajita fixings (without the tortilla).  Breakfast was a couple of biscuits - one with a little bit of homemade fresh sausage gravy (fresh as in it was a pig less than 2 weeks ago) and one with a little honey.

Kids don't have school tomorrow so I'll have to try to keep them out of my hair while I get a little work done.  But I am also hoping to take them to the pool for a while since I didn't get a pool workout in this weekend.  How are you going to spend your MLK Day?


  1. My wife took Ian to her sisters house in Las Vegas for the weekend, so that's how they are spending MLK day. For me, the conference calls start at 8:00 AM...Oh well.

  2. Nice ride!

    MLK is a normal work day for me, just less traffic.

  3. Its nice to find those little windows of opportunity to get some training time. I am struggling to find those times with my son's practices and game. But its cool... family first.

  4. Hopped the train from DC to NYC for work, right now staring at the skyline instead of paying attention to a webinar. Oops. Hoping to meet up with a friend in the city later for dinner.