Friday, January 20, 2012

Cold Run, Hot Lunch

The other day a friend asked me how I liked being my own boss.  I've been at this self-employment thing for almost 16 months and my answer to her was lukewarm at best.  Some days I really love the flexibility to spend more time with my kids, volunteer in their classes, work on projects that I'm excited about, take better care of myself, etc.  The rest of the days I worry about my slow fourth quarter, my even slower start to this new year, paying taxes FIVE times a year, paying for my own professional and general liability insurance, worry about how to market my business, worrying about how I will get new clients to hire me, how I will get old clients to pay me, etc. 

But today was a good day to be self-employed.  Susan was off work and was game for a run.  I woke up even more sore than I had been yesterday from the pole class (craziness!).  I swear there isn't a muscle that doesn't ache - abs, legs, arms, even my fingers!  So I told her I didn't know how well this was going to go as I was going to call it "active recovery".  Not to mention that the 40° forecast never came to fruition and it was freakin' 20° with no sun and a light wind.  We agreed to play it by ear.  We warmed up by jogging up the greenway trail fairly quickly because shortly in she really needed to use a restroom and the McDonalds up the way was the closest one that was open (others along the greenway are closed for the season).  So I stretched while she did her business and then we jogged up to a little past Stadium (adding a little Fartlek speed burst just before the turn around).  Then we jogged/walked back (into the wind so I think our speed dropped).  The cold wasn't too awful - most of me was pretty warm.  Five miles - CHECK!

Got back and drank a bunch of water - anyone else get crazy thirsty on runs in cold weather?  Then we decided to hit Panera for some soup for lunch.  Yay for broccoli cheddar (yes, not as light as garden vegetable, but half the calories of the New England Clam Chowder I was going to get).  I also had a half sandwich (yay for ham and cheddar).  We chatted throughout the walk/jog/run and lunch.  Really made the time go by fast and on the way out, I was thinking to myself how I just wouldn't get these opportunities if I still worked full time out of town. 

I hit the grocery store quickly and then came home and got a call on the way home that my son was just dropped off at home (sick) by my neighbor who had happened to be at school volunteering while they were trying to get ahold of me.  I was almost home when she called.  He has an upset stomach - doesn't seem otherwise too bad.  Not sure what is up with that.  Hopefully he'll shake it off by Monday.  We have no major plans for the weekend so he should be able to lay low.  Then I had to make a call to a client and I just realized I haven't gotten all the groceries out of the car.  Better do that before I have to go pick up my daughter and my neighbor's sons from school at 3.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You know it's funny... I'm self employed and people always say "that must be awesome". Most of the time I say "eh, it has it's ups and downs". Sure the freedom to do things like run and have lunch with friends is a huge plus, but it's not easy!!!

  2. I used to be self employed and I have to admit that, like yourself, I enjoyed the flexibility. However, I remember trying to bid on contracts and balancing clients and deadlines. Still, I would rather be self employed. Unfortunately, contracts started drying up with the depressed economy so I have returned as an employee.

  3. Nice run! Way to get out there specially when you were already sore.

    Yep on the crazy thirsty cold running. I think running in cold weather dehydrates you more than warm weather because of breathing dry air. I try to remember to chew gum when running in the cold so my mouth doesn't dry out.

  4. My husband is self-employed...he, too, likes the flexibility. But vacations rarely happen because if he's not working, he's not making money. So glad you go a good run in :)