Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oops - Long Run!

OK, so it was supposed to be "warmer" today.  And Susan doesn't work on Tuesdays so she was game for a jog/walk/run (whatever you want to call what I do).  So we agreed to meet to run the MO River bridge ($6M pedestrian attachment) and some in downtown.  When I called to tell her I was running a few min late b/c a client meeting lasted a little long, she suggested we do the Katy Trail instead (a neat Rails to Trails area that crosses Missouri).  I said, fine and met her there just before 10 AM. 

Except it was still in the freakin' 20's!  Brrr!  When I went home to change after my meeting, I added several clothing items to what I had planned to wear: tights, track pants, running socks, heavy wool socks my husband wears to work, running shirt, sweatshirt, fleece pullover, stocking hat, and gloves.  Yep - you guessed it - way too many clothes.  Oh well, she said we were going to run up to the river overlook which was 2.5 mi out and 2.5 mi back.  Even if I got hot, it wasn't going to be THAT long (we ended stashing some outerwear by a bridge).

Except apparently I need to be in charge of mapping.  We kept going and it seemed like it was taking a long time and my legs started to hurt some and I'm like, "Hmm...I don't think she got this distance quite right.  But let's see what is up around that next bend."  We chatted and alternated some walking and running so it wasn't too awful, but by the time we could see the overlook, I was sure we'd gone WAY longer than 2.5 miles.  But there really isn't anything to do about it on an out-and-back.  You gotta go back.  And the Katy Trail isn't really accommodating to having someone come pick you up if you screw up the distance.  So we just ran what we could and I made us walk a lot.  My hip flexors were screaming before we were even half-way back.  The parking lot finally came into sight much to my relief. 

But as we approached, I noticed a sign that said the Lewis and Clark marker (yeah - the one at that overlook!) was 4.2 miles from the parking lot.  Easy peasy on my BIKE!  OMG!!  We just did 8.4 miles!!!  I've never even WALKED more than 7!!  And man was I thirsty.  Oh yeah - did I mention that we didn't bring any water with us?!  That cool, dry winter air was doing me in.  Thankfully, I brought water in my car.  I finished almost an entire water bottle while we stretched everything out.  Oh Lord, I was hurting.  But I made it.  Guess all is ok in the end.

She mentioned she'd like to do more "long runs" and shoot for a half marathon in the fall (RnR St. Louis I think).  And she asked if I wanted to come along.  At the end of that 8.4 miles was NOT the time to ask me.  I had a hard time imagining going for another 5!  But who knows.  It's amazing what we can put our bodies through when we are ignorant.

Which reminds me - this video was posted by one of the CMC guys this week and I think it sums up the feeling of doing things we didn't realize we could.  This isn't "new" so maybe I'm just late to the game.  But I do think sometimes we have to work to not quit before we even start.

Now Stacy wants to work out tonight.  I'm not sure I have that in me.  I told her to wait and see how I felt.  Kind of leaning towards "no".


  1. YAY!!!! Congrats on your long run! You did fabulous. And yes could do a 1/2 marathon. You have it in you.

  2. Whoa! That is a 5k more than you expected. Not to mention all the layers you wore and no water. Way to go!

    Btw, Facing the Giants is one of my favorite movies!

  3. Congrats on going 8+ miles! That is quite an accomplishment. I'm doing the RnR half in October. My friend did it last year and said the course is easier than the Go half in April.

  4. 8.4 miles of running, a mile and 4/10th's longer than you've walked? That's awesome. "Big ups" as the kids used to say (I think).

  5. Nice job on finishing it even though it was really hard. You could totally do a half marathon in the fall! It won't seem nearly as difficult if you work up to the distance gradually.