Monday, January 9, 2012

Another late workout

Stacy and I seem to have the best luck squeezing stuff in when we work out as the kids are going to bed.  But 8:30-8:45 is kind of a late start!  Leaves me not quite ready for bed when we are done so I've been staying up too late and then kind of dragging when making lunches in the morning.  Oh well.  Gotta do what you gotta do to get it in.  She came over and we tried another P90X workout - legs and back.  Except we don't have a pullup bar so we tried just do some dumbell work when they were doing pullups.  I'm not sure I'd have a chance in hell of lifting my ass up anyway.  Still a long way to go on my upper body strength.  But the legs were a killer.  Sweated a little more tonight so that was good too. 

Got several comments today about the use of P90X videos.  Need to be honest here - we are hardly turning my flab into a "beach body".  But I did want to incorporate some strength work into my "off season" and Stacy was keen on using them so we're trying them out.  We aren't following the program to a "T" by any stretch of the imagination.  Just trying to mix things up with the videos.  I do think strength work is good for you.  I like the cardio moves that make you sweat too.  Oh, and sometimes I do like Tony says and I take a little break and jump back in.  But I also know that I need to still make sure to get in SBR.  I'm not sure how my training with/without Stacy will change when I start following a training plan.  Right now, I'm just glad to be getting SOMETHING done.  I think in a few weeks, I might try to switch up a few days a week to make sure I'm working towards the early April duathlon.  Oh, need to remember to sign up for that - hope I'm not too late.

Nothing sounded good for breakfast.  I had a granola bar and a banana with a little PB.  I had started to work through lunch, but then found I was starving and caved to my fast food craving (ugh!).  Wasn't too hungry at dinner so I just had a little of the pork tenderloin my husband made and some carrots. 

Busy week with work stuff.  Spent part of the day in Columbia helping my surveyor friend on a project and working on some stuff of my own.  Hit the library on my lunch break to return four books and pick up 3 more.  Hit the grocery store tonight and topped of my needs for making lunches.  Better get to bed so I'll be up to that task in the morning.


  1. So that's what MMNW means. OK, makes sense.

  2. Strength training is important and you are doing great by doing what you can. You are getting stronger everyday!

  3. I agree--strength training is really important. May not be fun, but important. I'd like to try that series some time. I know my holding back is that I don't want to be too sore to run well. Stupid reasoning!

  4. Love P90X. In my opinion, unless you follow their diet, it's difficult to get the "advertised results". Just my 2 cents ;)

    Yeah, for some reason our company was diversified enough to stay very busy through all the down turn in Cleveland. Hired 2 new engineers last year. Very stressful though because we do a lot of shoring work and the longer I work and meet people and see their work (construction related) I get more and more scared of lawsuits. Should be easy to prove the contractor did shoddy work though :)

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Have you tried attaching the bands to something overhead and do "band pulldowns" instead of pull ups?