Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rock Star Workouts!

Internet was down so I wrote this outside of Blogger with hopes to post Tuesday.  Monday was a good day as far as fitness goes.  First, it was crazy warm (mid-60’s for high) and relatively sunny (clouds came in later in the afternoon).  It was, however, fairly windy (20-30 mph).  But as I am a fair-weather biker, I decided I couldn’t let today go by without kicking some butt on the bike.  And I was feeling strong (mentally and physically).

Headed out about 1:00 and hadn’t really decided exactly which route I would take, but figured I’d go to my “usual” area and add loops if I was feeling it.  I went out to the interchange in what felt like record time even though I was being blown around a little on the bike.  Struggled a little getting up and over, but the relief of going back down eased that pain.  So I decided to turn right on Algoa and head towards Taos.  I used to turn around at the first driveway.  Later I went another couple of driveways up this rural road.  And once, late last fall, I went to the top of the first big hill.  But today I though, “Why not go a little further?” which led to “Wonder if I can make it to the highway intersection?”  The good news is that once you get up the big hill, there were just some little rollers and a lot of riding on the ridge (which with the wind wasn’t all that fun, but not particularly hard pedaling).  Before long, I was at the Hwy 50 interchange – wahoo!!

Turned around to go back and had one short nasty hill and some more of the rollers followed by a long downhill that was SWEET!  But so what, it has only been an hour and I was feeling good and the sun had been out and it was so pretty out today.  So threw in a loop around Scholastic and back on up the Wavco hill, in and out Wakoda Woods and on home.  All in 1:20:11.  Except when I got back home there was no internet connection for me to Map My Ride!  Grrr.  But it turns out that it was 14.02 miles. 

But it was so nice that when the kids got home, they had conspired to go for a ride with the neighbor kids that we share rides with.  So Tania (the mom) and I took five kids (KG, 2 x 2nd, 5th and 6th) on a short ride into both Wakoda Woods Subdivisions and back to our house.  The older boys took off to play Airsoft or something and my daughter and I rode with the other family to their house and then back to ours.  So this added 2.3 miles.

I took my daughter out to dinner at Fazolis because she had some coupon for a free kids meal there that she got at school.  She was disappointed in their spaghetti (no surprise to me – should have told her to get the pizza), but liked the chicken broccoli penne I got (which I later gagged seeing the calorie load – oops).  We ran a couple other short errands and came home in time for….Stacy to come over!

Stacy came over and we did a bunch of Just Dance 2 songs (mostly fast ones and one “cool down” song that we hadn’t done before that was hilarious).  Then we did AbRipperX (ouch).  All in all, it was a little over an hour of working out.  Needed it after that heavy dinner. 

Was disappointed to find out that the internet was still not up as I want to share my successful day.  This morning I volunteered with Susan in our kids’ classroom for Teacher Appreciation Day.  We woke up to temps already in the 50's!  So I dressed for a run and texted Susan to bring her workout clothes.  After we were done supervising the 2nd graders for an hour, we met up at the Katy Trail North Jeff City trailhead.  We decided to go east this time with the idea we'd turn around in about a half hour.  We went to the 141 mile marker which turned out to be 4.4 miles round trip from the TH.  Yay!  It wasn't crazy fast as there was plenty of walking/chatting, but we tried to jog a fair bit too.

Got a little work done for my surveyor friend in Columbia this afternoon.  Tomorrow is housework day and I have some more projects to knock out for a couple of clients.  Can't believe it is the last day of January already (especially hard to imagine with the warm weather).


  1. Great workouts! Way to take advantage of this wonderful weather.

    Just dance games are a ton of fun, though I'm such a bad dancer I try to abstain but my wife usually shames me in to dancing at least once :-).

  2. Nice job on the ride! It's been beautiful here, too; unfortunately, I spent yesterday either inside at work or studying during my son's volleyball practice in St. Louis. I did get to squeeze in a two-mile run today, but nothing as nice as your last two days! :)

  3. Two-a-days are very triathlete. Well done.

  4. Great job on the workouts! I love when we get unexpectedly warm weather and we can go ride. That makes me smile for days!