Monday, January 23, 2012

11 + 11 Random Things

I'm an oversharer so I wasn't worried when Christi, the Pedestrian Runner, tagged me for the random posts that are going around. Glad these things get folks like Christi who haven't been posting much to get busy and write something for us procrastinators to read.  Here is what we have to do.

1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

11 Random Things About Me:

1.  I mostly listen to country music in my car.  But I have a wide taste in music - and it gets even more eclectic when I am looking for something with a fast enough beat to work out to (which country music often does not).  I like country music because I like simple melodies and lyrics I can sing along to.  But to work out, club music like "Party Rock Anthem" or "Dynamite" can be fun.  I also am ashamed to admit I like a lot of the Nick and Disney music stars - Victoria Justice had a few songs recently added to my run playlist.

2.  I love to cook, but I hate to meal plan.  I wish a little fairy would just tell me what to make every day and ensure I had all the ingredients at home (and thawed).  However, my favorite meal is typically any hot food I didn't have to cook.  You are likely to find me rubbing my stomach in discomfort from being full if mashed potatoes are included, tortilla chips and cheesey dip was on the table, or pizza was involved.  And others have pointed out that my "go to" is often a burger.

3. The other day when I was grocery shopping, I bought 14 loaves of bread because they were on sale for 50 cents each.  My deep freeze is stocked and I can make sandwiches for my whole family for 2-3 months!  However, my husband's favorite saying when I tell him I got a great deal on something is "You aren't saving money if you are spending it."

4. I don't particularly like sports of any kind.  At best, I only watch the occassional Cardinals baseball game and the Super Bowl.  Though I did watch a fair bit of Kona streaming live this year though couldn't find it on the TV when the special was on in December.  I think this must make me the worst MU Tiger alum because I don't tailgate or pay to watch any of their games.  I have actually been in Faurot Field more times to see my high school team play (state championships were played there in the early 90s) than to see the Tigers.  Both times I saw the Tigers on the field, I got in free (first night game and first game with the new press boxes which my brother-in-law wired and the contractors got free tix).

5. I'm an engineer and becoming one is probably one of the things I am most proud of.  I had folks tell me that they didn't think girls should be engineers.  I had times I told myself I wasn't sure I could do it.  But I love what I do and passing the P.E. exam was one of my proudest achievements (though I am a stress eater and gained 20 lbs in the two months I studied non-stop for it). 

6. I was born in Kansas - so maybe that is why I am a bad Tiger fan.

7. Unlike most people I read about, the open water swim was not the most scary part of my first triathlon.  I hadn't before that day ever ridden 16 miles on a bike.  I cried a little in the last mile of the bike leg.

8. I have not traveled extensively, but would like to.  It would definitely be how I'd spend some serious lottery winnings (if I ever played and if I ever won).  Top ten destinations right off the bat:  Spain, Germany, Australia, Hawaii, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, Southern California, Orlando, and Austin.  Some because I think everyone should see certain places at least once and some because I have friends near there plus I think they would be cool places to visit.

9. I liked school as a kid and wish my son did too.  I had some great teachers and some less than great teachers, but my dad always taught me that you get out of an education what you put into it.  And that most kids can get a decent education anywhere they are if they choose to.  That said, my kids go to parochial schools because it is important to my husband.  I suffered some humbling moments in college.  It was the first time I wasn't one of the brightest people in the classroom - and often I wasn't even in the top half (which can be depressing in a lecture hall with a few hundred kids).  By the time I was out of college, I decided that "B" or "C" was acceptable enough for a person with multiple jobs trying to get through school without debt.

10. I get a hair cut about every 6-8 weeks.  Every other time that I go in, I also get a color because otherwise I would have a grey "skunk" streak.  My hair is colored close to my natural color to cover up the fact that I have one small patch of grey.  I hate that my sister who is 4 years older still isn't graying.

11. I was 22 (plus a day) when I got married.  At the time I didn't think that was young, but now I look at kids in their early 20's and think I was probably wrong.  I picked a good guy so it all worked out in the end.  I think we were really wise to wait several years before having children though.

**BONUS** I actually had started a random post because I felt left out, but Christi tagged me so I could use up some of my random thoughts. She is so sweet!

Now here are my questions for those that I tag:
1. Which actor played James Bond the best?  Sean Connery with Pierce Brosnan a close 2nd.

2. Are you a cat person or a dog person?  Dog

3. What is your favorite race to date? Jingle Bell Run (because it didn't feel hard with friends)

4. Do you prefer beer or wine? Wine (don't drink beer at all, only sweet wine and would pick margaritas over both by far)

5. What is the first race that you ever completed? I think I did a St. Pat's 5K in the late 90's in Columbia, MO

6. Do you have a coach to help you with your training? No

7. If you could compete in any long distance triathlon and race fees were not a factor would you choose IM or Rev 3 races?  Tough call - there is a part of me that feels like I'd do an IM but I am impressed with the way Rev3 runs their business so I'm probably solidly on the fence.

8. How many blogging friends have you met in person? 0, but intend to change that this year.  However, I have a group of moms that I've been friends with online since we were all pregnant with our first children (all due May 2001) and I have met several of them in person.

9. Who is going to win the Superbowl, New England Patriots or New York Giants? Who cares.  I'm just looking forward to the time with friends and snacks and snacks that are friends.

10. If you could meet one person alive or dead, who would it be?  Chrissie Wellington.  She appears super down to earth and sweet.  Wouldn't that be cool!?

11. And finally the big question, do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

Now here are my questions for those that I tag:
1. What is your favorite vegetable to eat?
2. What made you sign up for your first triathlon?
3. Do you spend more time on Twitter, Facebook, or Blogs?
4. If you could go for a run with anyone, who would it be?
5. What is at the top of your wish list right now that is under $100?
6. What is at the top of your wish list right now that is over $1000?
7. Where will your next vacation actually be?
8. Where would you like your next vacation to be?
9. What is the one characteristic or piece of knowledge that you hope to pass on to your kids (existing or planned children)?
10. What is your favorite candy bar?
11. What motivational saying do you have on your Road ID (or similar product) or what will it say when you get one?

I seriously would love to see posts from any of my followers or any of the blogs I follow on this.  I tried to sort through and figure out who hadn't been tagged yet, but it was crazy hard so I'm throwing it down to whoever feels compelled.  I know this is cheating, but I hate making folks feel obligated if they aren't crazy oversharers like me. 

P.S.  I have no idea why I can't get the above text to not be bold.  LOL


  1. Thanks for playing the game! I loved reading these things.

    I have seen Chrissie Wellington at a couple of races and you are right she seems very cool!

  2. I'm a new reader and love your blog. I'm planning on doing my first triathlon this May--keep up the fun posts.

    1. Nice to "meet" you Lizzie. What race (and distance) are you going to try? Feel free to drop me a note and let me know if you post some random thoughts to help us get to know you.

    2. Hi--(it's Lizzie aka Beth) here's a link to my thoughts!
      Thanks for writing back. My plan is to do the Sudbury (MA) sprint in May, the Hyannis Sprint (maybe as a relay with a runner friend), and a couple other sprints over the summer. Running is my weakness due to injuries so I'm going to stick to the shorter distances for a while.

  3. "I bought 14 loaves of bread"...

    baaaa haaaaa haaa!!!! that made me laugh out loud! :)

  4. I'm with Carole... that made me giggle too - probably because it's totally something I would do.

    You might not have met any bloggers in person, but you met my hubby and that's pretty close! :)

    Great list!