Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's 5K+!

Well, the sun stuck around as did the wind - unfortunately, the super warm temps did not.  The wind was fast and cold today, but I bugged my friend Susan into joining me for a run (forgot my camera so I didn't get a shot of her with the race bib).  We met on the greenway trail here in town and walked/jogged from Dunklin to Stadium and back.  Map My Ride says that it is 4.2 miles round trip!  Yay! 

The time went super fast as we chatted about crazy family stuff and being parents of 2nd graders, etc.  I forgot to look at my watch when we left and got back so I can only take a guess, but it took about an hour - from about 2:30 to a little after 3:30.  The wind was in our face a lot of the time and not fun to run against.  I'm sure I would have turned around sooner had she not been with me, but it was a great time!  I definitely need to make her a regular exercise partner. 

I came home and grabbed the race bib for Kylie's New Year's 5K and had my daughter snap a quick pic.  Because my daughter is a lot shorter than me, you don't get my most flattering angle (um, hello double chin):

But there you go.  We stayed up way TWO late (as in went to bed while in the latter part of the 2:00 hour) and slept in a little.  Then laid around while doing a ton of laundry (which is still being finished).  Then I ate some granola and went for this great run.  Came home to dinner of smoked pork.  Yum! 

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. No rest for us. Just got off the trainer myself. Excellent job!

  2. Awesome, I'm inspired by everyone who got out and exercised today!

  3. Way to get out there today! That wind was crazy.

    Yum, smoked pork. I take it your husband likes to grill/smoke like I do.

  4. Its great to start the New Year with training session.

  5. You did great! Let's get this new year underway!

  6. Congrats on a great run!

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to getting to know you better in 2012!