Monday, January 16, 2012

Great weather for SBR+A!!

Today was a crazy weather day.  Can someone check their calendar?  It was in the upper 60's this afternoon.  Tonight, at around 9:00, it was still 61°!  It is freakin' January!!  Last year at this time, we were missing school for like 20" of snow!!  But I didn't take as full advantage of it as I could.  I'm slightly kicking myself here.  But I was on childcare duty most of the day so cut myself a little slack for that.

Slept in a smidge and then toodled around the house in my bathrobe a good part of the morning.  My daughter bugged me incessantly about when we were going to the Y.  I finally kicked her outside for a little while just to stop her pestering voice.  We ate lunch and then headed over to the pool about 1:30.  They were having swim lessons, 2 lap lanes (full of old people sharing and doing frog kicks everywhere) and crowded rec swim.  So I decided to hang with the kids for a while.  I guess we swam all around the deep end (where due to no life jackets being allowed made it less crowded) for about an hour.  I tried to do some half laps with the kids, but we also did handstands and somersaults and other total sillyness.  My son slipped off to do some damage to the bathroom (sorry to whoever cleans that toilet) and my daughter and I swam until I nearly went to knock on the door to the men's locker room to see if he was ok.  He decided not to get back in and this was about the time they were finishing lessons and adding another lap lane.  I slipped on over and snagged that lane and knocked out some yardage.  I knew the kids would be anxious to leave soon, but I was determined to get 500-700 yards done.  I was pretty worn out from playing/swimming with them so I cut it relatively short on the drills and such.

Got home and just couldn't get over the weather.  Convinced the kids we needed to go on a bike ride.  The only way to get them to go was to promise ice cream in the middle (about 0.65 mile each way to the local joint).  So it was probably all for naught, but I did at least get ON my bike today.  We stopped off to play with some neighbors' kids on the way back.  I should have left them there (she probably wouldn't have minded) and gone for a few more miles.  But I stayed and chatted instead.  Then home to figure out dinner.

Stacy came over later and we went for a short run (2.66 miles).  She ran to my house (1.9 mi) and was still going to run home (another 1.9 mi) if the rain held off so we cut our usual loop up to Tania's house off.  I was hurting anyway.  Something in my left glute was screaming nearly the whole time.  She is good at gently pushing me, but I was glad to be done.  Except as we walked up my driveway, she says "Oh yeah, I brought the AbRipperX DVD so we could get that done too."  Sure, what the hell!  So we knocked out a solid core workout (even though I "take a break if I need to" sometimes).  I try to do at least half of the exercise reps.  Ouch!

So today was a solid SBR day even if I didn't get really long workouts in.  Unfortunately winter returns tomorrow with cold rain forecast (high in the low 30's).  I sent Susan a note to let me know if she wants to meet at the Y for an indoor workout since she is off work.  I need to get some work done though too.  Better get to bed.  The boy has early morning safety patrol so we have to get out the door on time!


  1. So does Tony make you giggle when you work out with him? I always find myself giggling and mocking a totally fun way :)

    You did a lot! Here's hoping winter isn't too wintery for too long so you can get back out there without freezing!

  2. Wow, great day of workouts. We had weird weather ourselves and I was able to get an hour ride on my bike outdoors. Today the weather is freakin' cold but the warm weather is supposed to be back tomorrow. Weird!

  3. Consistency and frequency are just as important as time in a lot of ways. Definitely a positive day...

  4. I am starting to embrace getting in 15 minutes of training here 20 there as life happens. Better than the all or nothing approach that results in nothing.

  5. I am always amazed with how those of us with family and job commitments squeeze in our training! Nice job.