Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slightly less sucky run

Susan bailed on me today and my motivation slipped more than a little.  I did manage to get a little work stuff done today plus some laundry and ran the dishwasher.  So I decided since it was in the 30's and pretty sunny (with minimal wind) to literally "run" my errand to the bank - yep, you got it - another Walmart 5K.  I felt pretty good going out - like I ran a little more than I walked.  I was kind of a sweaty mess once I got to the bank.  I drank a full cup from their Culligan cooler and made my deposit.  Then I turned around and sucked some wind going home.  I tried to push it a little, but that darned shin pain was still there (though not as crippling as the other day).  But my knees and butt hurt a little too.  Ugh.

I failed to get an accurate time on the run to figure out my pace.  I started the watch when I left, but failed to pause it when I went inside Walmart, then realized that and paused it for part of my transaction time, but then forgot to start it again at the door and finally started it again after I had ran a couple of minutes.  The time said 34 minutes, but I haven't run that fast yet so it was probably more like 38-40. 

And a side note, I used this little drawstring bag/backpack that I've used to run errands on my bike before.  It does NOT work well when running.  It kept slipping down to my elbows.  Very annoying!  I will have to go back to a fanny pack when I need to carry small stuff on the run.  All I had was my deposit, phone, ID, credit card and grocery list.  I had thought about picking up the handful of things I needed at the store there at Walmart, but after being annoyed the whole way there, I couldn't imagine having a can of corn, sour cream and a couple of other things making it worse.  So off to the store I go tonight.


  1. Amphipod makes this little clip-on pouch that fits exactly what you listed. Handy. Plus I like to carry a load on my side or front, fanny packs or rear hydration belts have always driven me crazy.

  2. Do you have a foam roller? That might help you get over some of the little nagging issues that are bothering you. I use mine all the time and it helps a lot!

    FYI, watch your mailbox!