Monday, January 2, 2012

MMNW + Just Dancing

Just a quick note.  My MMNW was 175.0!  This means that I managed to lose about 6 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years!  That has to be some kind of record for me.

My sis that lives in WI came for a belated holiday with her family arriving around bedtime last night.  This morning, my husband treated everyone to pancakes.  Later, we were showing her our Just Dance 2 game (they just got a Wii for Christmas) and we all danced and danced.  I didn't have on my watch, but we got a little sweat going.  Probably 45 min or so.  Lunch was kind of snacking around and some leftover pork.  While I did munch a few chips, I mostly ate carrots/hummus and a few slices of the meat. 

We opened some gifts after my nephew's nap.  My sis got me an awesome picture frame with a pic of each of us on our bike leg at the Pewaukee tri (me, son, daughter).  She also bought the pic that I love of my daughter running and framed it for her. 

Dinner was out at our local Mexican joint and I, yet again, am regretting the one margarita, tons of chips, tostada, taco and enchilada I ate.  Ugh!  My gut hurts!  I'm sure tomorrow morning won't be as kind on the scale.  Hope I can sleep with this gut ache!  Kids go back to school so had better get my back end to bed so I can get up and make lunches.


  1. How is the Mexican food in Missouri? My wife is half Mexican, I'm essentially 100% Irish. But you can probably guess where we dine quite a bit around here. I'm not even sure where I would go around here for some blood pudding or corned beef and cabbage.

  2. Congrats on losing 6 pounds over the holidays! Awesome job!

  3. Awesome job on your amazing accomplishments this year!! What a role model you are.

    (I love the wii dancing, BTW!!)

    Happy 2012 - go get 'em!

  4. Yummy Mexican! My biggest downfall is Mexican.

    Congrats on the weight loss my dear! That is awesome!

  5. Congrats on the awesome weigh in! Great work!

  6. I always fill up on chips and salsa before the meal comes!

  7. Patrick - while there has been a fair immigrant influx, they have not really brought authentic food with them from what I've been told. It is cheap, however. Plentiful chips that are warm when they come to the table with decent salsa (that could be Pace doctored up for all I know). They also make this awesome white cheese dip that my family is addicted to, but I've never been able to replicate at home exactly (though I've tried like 4 different recipes). My gut hurt most of the night though. Live and learn.