Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dance, Many Thanks and Random Pics

So last night, we snuggled in for a family movie.  I had taken my shower and was in comfy clothes (read: no bra) and just finishing "Mr. Poppers Penguins" when Stacy called.  What the heck - a late workout - sure!  She just wanted to dance and I was game for that even after my earlier 5 miles and still being insanely sore from the pole class.  Maybe it would help loosen everything up (kind of).  So she came over and we did several songs on "Just Dance" and then chatted with my husband until way too late.  Yikes!  I don't go to bed late very often. 

So this morning, though I woke up and could have joined the group run that I had found on Facebook (Jeff City Road Runners Jog and Java), I was too pooped to face the temps in the teens.  Plus I thought I might be pushing time to get my girl to piano lessons.  So I blew it off.  Cosmic forces are at work to make sure I go next week - the piano teacher asked to push the lesson back an hour.  The forecast is for mid-20's of a low next Sat.  There is a certain virtual race I'm doing on Saturday that would be more fun with others along for the ride.  Do you think the man upstairs is trying to tell me something?

Anyway, after I posted yesterday I got an AWESOME package in the mail.  It was a lovely thank you note and my "prizes" for doing XLMIC's Jingle Bell Hell!  YAY!!  I know it is cheesey when everyone is a winner, but when you are as slow as me or can't do the longer miles like some of you rock stars, it feels pretty awesome to win something.  Check out my loot!!  I got a super soft "turtle fur" ear band, peppermint stick Gu and Vanilla Hammer Gel (I've never tried any kind of sports gel so this will be a new adventure).  But seriously, the note was what really made my day.  Marj is just such an awesome lady!  THANKS!!!

Jingle Bell Hell Virtual Race Loot
This all brought to mind the fact that I never posted a picture of my Secret Santa gift from Christmas.  So A BIG THANKS to my new friend Pam at Knickers In A Twist!  Here is a pic of me on Christmas morning after present opening, before I did my hair, but after being dressed for church:
Inperspire Towel that says "Sweat is Sexy!"
And while I am adding Christmas shots with my hair looking just lovely, I thought I'd add the one of me with my stocking stuffers.  Man, it is good to be Santa!

Kisses, Body Glide, hot pink Yankz and lights (front/rear) for my bike!

And for some additional photo randomness, check out two of the items I recently realized I now fit back into.  It is amazing the things that you miss when you get too fat for them.  It's been a couple of years.  Check out this shot of my new skinny......
FINGERS!  I stopped wearing my wedding ring and mothers ring (and another anniversary band that is on my right hand) because I had trouble getting them on and, even moreso, off at the end of a day.  I had my wedding set cut off when I was pregnant with my son and the fluid retention made it impossible to remove.  I had it repaired and mildly upsized about a year after he was born when I realized I was was unlikely to be any smaller than I was then.  But when my weight crept up, I took it off fearing having to pay for the cut/repair again.  But the other day I put all my rings on and they are....get this...LOOSE!  I'm still not really in the habit of wearing them everyday again.  But I'm trying to get there.

My daughter has a friend over today and my son is engrossed in his video games.  I'm buried in this:

Yeah, there is one load in the washer, one in the dryer
and two waiting to move along in the process!
Hoping after said friend goes home to at least get out for a quick walk.  Plans are pretty fast and loose for this weekend so we'll see what other fitness adventures I can get myself into.  Next weekend is the Freeze Your Thorns Off virtual race with "The Boring Runner" so I'm looking forward to that.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You are just about the best follower ever. I love how you are always so down-to-earth and honest about everything on your blog and in the comments you leave...and always nice :) Have a great weekend :)

  2. Getting stuff in the mail is always awesome.

    Funny, I've never done a group run. Group rides, all the time but I've always run alone. There are a couple of scheduled runs around here I should check out.

  3. Really, really cool you can fit in your rings! Nice bonus when things like that just happen because of your lifestyle change. Great reason to keep up the good work!

  4. Yay for goodies - from virtual races, secret Santa AND Santa!

    And congrats for getting those rings back on. I know how much that really means! :)