Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap and MMNW


**Sorry - I started this Monday and didn't finish it.  Forgive a "Monday" post on Wed.**  This year had a lot of highlights even though when I was going through most of it, I had some low times too.  I think it helps to look back at all that was accomplished and all of my blessings and realize that those low times just make the highlights more special. 

CTER 140.6 - I didn't think I could do it, but I managed to complete the iron distance (plus a little) over the course of four weeks.  It helped that I bought my road bike in that time and that we had the warmest winter you could hope for.  I even managed to do some of the running while at a conference in Vegas.  Won my favorite water bottle (Hydrapak Wooly Mammoth) that I've used tons. 

MaxTrax Duathlon - First du. Tough mentally, but finished (in the rain no less).  Not dead last (though last long course athlete was just under twice my age).  Enjoyed having my husband there to cheer for me and take care of me afterwards. 
Feeling strong before the Duathlon
First/Longest Gravel Ride - Joining up with some of the Team Virtus folks made this an adventure to remember.  I got dropped a lot on hills, but they always waited for me at the top even when I had to walk parts of them.  I misjudged the fluids/nutrition that I would need, but was bailed out by folks that had just met me.  And I proved to myself that I have more than I thought inside when it comes to just "sticking it out".  Family obligations made me miss the opportunity to do a longer (though flatter) gravel ride in October with these great folks, but I will find a way to do it again sometime.
Gravel = Bad, Friends = Good
Longest Road Ride(s) - I met Walter (aka "bike dad") on a CMC group ride around the Holts Summit area and we traded digits.  He's been great to text me when the weather is at all conducive to long weekend (and summer night) rides.  He gathers the group together and we head out for loops around Jeff City/St. Martins/Lohman (20-30 miles) or Holts Summit/Fulton (39 miles) or (to take away any excuses I have) from my house to Wardsville and back (27 miles - making sure to loop a little at the end and pick up a painful hill or two for "character building").  Nearly all of my long road rides have been with him and some assortment of other bike friends I've made through him.  I'm sure they will all be a part of preparing me for my first century in 2013.  Considering my "long" rides in 2011 were 10-15 miles, I am extremely pleased with how far my biking came in 2012.
Great group rides!
Pewaukee Triathlon (aka "Beating Sis by 5 Min") - OK, I'll admit it.  My big sis has been better than me at nearly everything my whole life.  She did everything first and she did it so great that I often felt "in her shadow" as we grew up.  But truthfully, I'd have never gotten to where I am now had she not talked about doing a tri (there is still some debate as to whether this was her idea or I just jumped on it as a goal when she told me she was doing it).  Pewaukee was my first tri in 2011 and it may always be my "benchmark".  And this year I blew it away - by 40 min.  Better equipment (road bike over mountain bike) probably helped some, but a lot was my better cycling training and some running.  I beat sis out of T1, built a small lead while on the bike and held her off on the run.  I know I can improve more.  Not sure if Pewaukee will be on my race calendar for 2013 or not, but I hope I can race with sis sometime/somewhere.

Show Me State Games - I felt a lot better on the swim and bike this year than last.  The run (without water on a scorching day) was a bit of a death march, but I finished and was not dead freakin' last this time.  Took a ton of time off from my 2011 attempt (similar to Pewaukee).  Loved having my family there to take pics and record splits for me and cheer me on. 
Coming into T2 at Show Me State Games!
Non-Traditional Races - The Epic Mud Run was a blast with my husband and our friends.  The Prison Break was definitely more "party than race" with Superkate and her friends/teammates (though the race itself could use some improvements).  The Kicks in the Sticks was a great way to celebrate my 39th birthday with Susan, Kate, Bob, etc (until the last mismarked mile).  I definitely think we need to find some more of these adventures for next year and include even more friends.  Maybe Luke is right - there might be an adventure racer waiting to break out of me yet.

5K's - I did several of these throughout the year including some virtual and some "regular" - with friends, family and solo.  I didn't always track my time for the virtual races, but I brought my PR down from 41:49.2 in 2011 to 34:24.6 in 2012.  Progress is progress.  Probably focusing more on cycling this winter/spring, but will do some running too.

Friends - One thing I noted in a FB status recently was how blessed I have been to train with friends a lot this year.  In 2011, nearly all my miles were done solo.  I was so slow that I didn't really want to train with others much, but I also didn't have the base of friends to train with.  And it is hard to say how many of my miles I would have accomplished in 2012 without friends nudging me along.  And better yet, I've become better friends with these people by sharing our lives as we sweat.  It is the best "therapy" you can ask for.  I hope to continue this trend in 2013, but also suck it up sometimes when no one is available and do some solo training.  I can't let it be an excuse.
Sweating with Susan on a fall run.
Family - My kids have grown and changed so much this year.  I was flipping through some pictures and I just can't get over it.  They bring constant challenges as we navigate through their growing up, but they bring me so much joy too.   My daughter had her first communion, my son crossed over into Boy Scouts, they both did the Pewaukee Kids Triathlon (daughter bringing home hardware), and we've made it half way through another school year (3rd and 6th grades).  We were blessed to have my husband's family together over Christmas - including my husband's brother and wife home on leave from the Navy after a long deployment. 
Christmas Eve - Son in middle with long sleeves, daughter/me/husband in red at right

Work - Being self-employed is definitely not for the faint of heart.  I've had my ups and downs this year.  I brought in a big street contract that I am struggling with finishing the design for.  I did a lot of smaller site development projects this year that ate up my fall.  I presented at three conferences (including an international one) last winter/spring.  I made a little money along the way, but probably not as much as if I'd just go back to being "employed". But I've had so much flexibility that has given me precious time with my kids that I don't regret continuing down this path for now.

Weight - I went back and looked:  I weighed 175.6 last NYE.  This year my MMNW = 158.8!  I'm pretty happy with that in general.  The only sticking point is that I hung out in the same five pound range (160-165) for about 75% of the year when I could have been losing more if I'd put my head in the right place.  I really need to find a way to (get in and) stay in the 150's (or lower?) this year.  I know the increased training volume as I prep for the Tour De Cure may help, but I really do need to get more focused on quality nutrition with more fruits, vegetables and lean meats and less "treats" (eating out, coke, ice cream, cookies, candy). 

Final 2012 Totals:
Swimming = 15,700 yds (just not my year for the pool)
Biking = 848.2 miles (fell in love with my bike, but next year I'm blowing this one out of the water!)
Running = 339.0 miles (still don't "love" running, but like it a lot more with friends)

What will next year bring?  Still trying to figure it out.  Goals, races, etc.  For sure is the June 1st Tour De Cure St. Louis (donate here).  For sure will be another go at the Epic Mud Run on September 1st with my husband and as many friends as we can convince to join us.  I'd like to tackle an Oly (which I wimped out on this year) - leaning towards Lake St. Louis in late August if I can get a spot.  And I'm sure there will be a smattering of 5K's in there too.  The other adventures are TBD, but it wouldn't take a lot of arm twisting to get me to step out of my comfort zone.  Seems like those are the ones that make for the best stories!  And I think one of my resolutions needs to be to take more pictures!  They make the stories even better!

Good bye 2012!  Welcome 2013!  Happy New Years!


  1. Happy New Year
    I know how much fun (not) it can be to own your own business. I think it takes that to understand how good you have it "working for the man"
    We need to see some kind of IM in your future...

  2. This is a great year. every number that is meant to go up did so, and every number that is meant to go down did so. You killed it.

  3. Big improvements this year. 2013 should be even better! Your biking has come a long way.

  4. What a really good year in all areas of your life!