Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thought it was longer...

Don't you just hate that?  You think you knocked out more distance than you did.  So annoying.  I still don't own a GPS watch (though with one of my new year's goals/resolutions/wishes - I've set a plan in place to save up for one).  I didn't map out where I was going because I just barely talked myself into getting it done tonight.  So I just headed out and ran until I thought I'd gone somewhere in the vicinity of 4 miles.  I didn't need anything too hard, but wanted to take advantage of the fact it was still in the 50's and tomorrow's high wasn't going to be anywhere near that.  Wouldn't you know it, after doing the neighborhood cul-de-sacs multiple times, I still only got in 3.3 miles.  Oh well - better than nothing.

Day was super nice - sunny and warm.  I got out and walked a couple miles helping my daughter hit a few more homes selling Girl Scout cookies.  She's set to surpass last year, but is about 27 boxes short of a "prize".  Oh well, she did it all on her own so I'm still very proud.  Later, I shot some hoops with my son.  So a nice, active day. 

Swimming = 0 yds
Biking = 24.85 miles
Running = 29.2 miles


  1. You definitely gotta get a GPS. I can't live without mine! Haha! If I forget my garmin I get depressed. I end up using my phone gps (mapmyrun app), but I prefer the garmin.

  2. I don't have a GPS either. I know the feeling when you think you've gone further than you have. Every run is a baby win though. You got it done!

  3. I wouldn't be a true member of Team Virtus if I neglected to say TWSS.

    A run is a run. Especially on a day you barely get out the door, any miles are a win. Before I had my Garmin, I had a couple different routes mapped out, one a mile loop and one a 2 mi out-and-back. They were my go-to on days I didn't have time to map out a certain distance. Boring, but effective.

  4. The downside of course is when you do get a GPS you become a slave to it. Psyched to do a run on vacation? Well don't forget to pack your GPS or the motivation will zip out of your body the second you turn over the last piece of luggage and find it not there. Seriously, I've seen strong men cry when they show up at a ride and find their garmin is uncharged. One guy insisted we stop at the first Starbucks so he could cop some wifi and download Strava to his phone.