Monday, January 28, 2013

Mother Nature on Crack

I failed to watch the weather report last night.  I slipped on one of my favorite sweaters this morning with a pair of jeans to head into the office and knock out some work.  As I walked out to get the paper before loading the kids in the car, I realized I may regret that choice. It was time to go so I let it be.  Oh yeah, at 7:25 AM, it was already 56° and forecast high in mid-70's.  What the hell is up with Mother Nature?!!  Get that crack pipe out of your mouth and remember that this is winter in mid-MO.  I'm happy it isn't freeze your tits off cold with snow/ice, but 76-freaking-degrees!?!  I even saw a guy on his bike on my way home in shorts and a s/s jersey.  I have to admit, I almost got mine off the trainer, but running seemed simpler.

At 7 PM, when Stacy called to confirm she was ready to run, it was still 68°.  I went out in capris and a short sleeve tech tee.  Insane!  Not to mention humid from a light rain we got this morning.  But, given it is winter still, it was pitch black out.  There are a fair number of street lights along the route from our house to Caseys gas station/C-store, but there are a couple of dark spots (one across from Stacy's house - must send note to City Engineer).  I thought it was a 4 mile loop, but turns out only 3.76.  Darn it - must start saving harder for that GPS watch.  Had I known, I'd have tackled the stupid rock cut hill to get in a little more distance and what Walter (bike friend) would call "character". 

But no worries - for this abbreviated version of Mid-MO Mondays (Vol 2.5?), I bring you our crazy weather.  Recall that last Thursday I went for a run at noon and it was 20°.  Tomorrow the forecast is for more crazy warmth (68° high), but the highs for the rest of the week are only going to be in the 30's (pretty normal).  While I love the fact we usually get four distinct seasons here, I hate when the weather bounces around like this because it tends to lead to sickness.  One day your nose is running from the cold and the next you are suffering from seasonal allergies that are coming on because things are starting to bud!  It also can wreak havoc on our plants.  My husband pointed to the flower bed yesterday and, sure enough, the tips of our daffodil leaves are peaking through the mulch.  Way to go, Mother Nature!  Just in time for you to take another drag on that crack pipe and freeze them one night this week. 

On a completely separate issue:  MMNW = 160.2.  A slight downward trend, but not where I want it to be.  When I work longer hours, I tend to reach for soda for a pick me up or run out for fast food at lunch.  Really need to stop that! 

In other random stupid moves, I left my engineer's seal at home today.  I had a whole set of plans with calculations I was ready to turn in on a site development project only to realize I couldn't seal them.  Worse, I have to drive to Columbia tomorrow morning so I can seal them, turn them over to the architect, maybe work for a couple of hours and then shake a tail feather to get back to Jeff City in time for "parent lunch" (Happy Catholic Schools Week everyone!).  Doh!  And Wed morning, I get to hang out with the 3rd graders for a little over an hour while their teacher goes to an appreciation breakfast.  I'm going to have them make thank you pictures to hang up in her room.  They are at the age where they express their love with coloring.  Good times.  Hope I can finish up my street project's specifications somewhere in there. 

Swimming = 0 yds
Biking = 48.0 miles
Running = 41.3 miles


  1. Wow, the temperature really swings there. OUr weather here is pretty steady year round. Kinda boring actually. Yeah, gotta get that GPS. I can't train without it... spoiled!

  2. I've been enjoying the mild winter, was actually bummed when it actually snowed last week.

  3. It actually sounds like old man weather is snorting up half of Bolivia. The mood swings...

  4. That is craziness for weather. Glad you took advantage of the awesome weather and got out for a run!

  5. I am tired of the temp swings, a warm day in winter just means something nasty is coming winter wise

  6. The weather needs to decide what it's going to do and stay there. It's driving me crazy! Hope you have a good week.