Sunday, January 27, 2013

50° January Run - WTF

I didn't look at the thermometer and put on tights and pants.  Right before I left, I checked it and it was 50°!  WTF!??  January temperatures are not usually this warm and it has been cold (like teens/20's) this week.  So I peeled off my tights and put my pour torn yoga pants on (still needed to be sewn up from SHITR tear - did that this afternoon before tossing them in laundry).  I put on a short sleeve shirt and my jacket.  I wasn't a mile in when I realized the jacket was a mistake.  Took it off and fought it slipping down  for another half mile before a double knot fixed that.  If it wasn't so new, I'd have probably stashed it on the side of the road and come back for it.

Just did the neighborhood and down past the Moreau River since none of my running friends were available.  The Wavco hill was kicking my butt as usual.  But some music made the time pass ok.  Averaged about 12 min/mile which is about normal for me.  Sucks being slow, but I'm not ready to dedicate the time to the training it would take to get a lot faster. 

Facing another busy week of work with some of the usual kid stuff.  And who knows what the weather will do.  Better get off here and enjoy what is left of my weekend.

Swimming = 0 yds
Biking = 48.0 miles
Running = 37.5 miles


  1. Oh jeez! 50F in January is tough. Great run though!

  2. yeah, i hate bein so slow too. at my age, i am just going to get slower too. ...but at least we are out there running.

  3. Icy rain and sleet yesterday, melting temps today -- this has been a crazy winter for sure!

  4. Ugh. I'm miserable in the winter, and I dom't live in a cold climate. I admire those of you who deal with it. I lurk on your blog and rarely comment, but I wanted you to know I nominated you for a Liebster Award.