Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold wind therapy + soup

It is Thursday.  Susan's day off and our "usual" running day.  I really hoped she wouldn't bail so I called her a little after kid dropoff this morning and we discussed the fact that we were slowly creeping out of the morning low single digit temps up to about 20° and we could probably suck it up for a run today closer to noon when we might get a little sun.  She was game so we decided to meet at the greenway. 

While it was cold on the way out as we talked through an old festering (work-related) problem of mine, the cold wind in our face on the way back made me pick up the pace to get back to the car.  It is amazing how someone else's perspective on a problem can help you work through it.  I love that she is so smart and challenges me in such a loving and supportive way.  And all while we knock out 4.8 miles.

We stretched for a few minutes when we got back - hiding behind her van from the wind, but then dashed off to Panera for some soup.  Oh how I love their soups.  I got broccoli cheddar, but could have been easily happy with the chicken and wild rice.  I even asked if you were allowed to get two soups on the You Pick 2 menu (apparently "no"). 

Then my car wouldn't start, but after a little fiddling it finally did.  So annoying.  It does this from time to time.  No idea what the deal is.  Usually, if I am patient, it won't leave me stranded (though I was glad I'm not in charge of pickup today so if I was stranded it wasn't a major deal).  It's been a busy week with a ton of kid stuff (Brownies and archery last night, piano on Tue, working concessions at a basketball game tonight, etc).  I'm buried with work stuff and shouldn't have blown off the day, but so be it.  I'll hit it again tomorrow and hopefully be up for some trainer time this weekend.


  1. It's awesome to have a friend to challenge in a positive way!

  2. Sorry about the car, but aside from that the training sounds great. I mean a good run and warm soup on a cold day. Super!

  3. So great you have each other to both oush each other and also for support!

  4. Panera does rock.

    So check this out - my key broke in half Tuesday morning at 5:30AM while I was starting my car to get to the Airport for my usual flight to Oakland. Basically the metal "key" part broke away from the plastic round part. I can still grasp the metal part enough to turn it, but I guess the plastic part has some sort of security sensor in it because I need to hold that like 1mm away from the metal part for the car to start.

    When I got home that night I couldn't find my spare, so I've been driving around with the broken key. And I know how I roll - I will wait the longer of 4 weeks or until I lose one half of my current key before I get my ass to the dealer for a new one. And I bet it's some absurd price north of $100 as well. Awesome.

  5. Nice run! Nice to have a good friend to keep you company and help you solve problems. Double duty!

    You popped back on my blog roll and it looks like I missed a couple posts. Catching up now :-)