Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals/Resolutions/Wishes

There has been some discussion on the interwebs lately about the difference between "goals" and "resolutions" (and I'm going to throw in "wishes").  I think each of the bullets below are a mixture of each.  I guess I see "goals" as something to shoot for, but not beat myself up if I fall short - that the victory is in the journey and the "try".  The "resolution" part of this list are things that I just need to commit to doing because they are the right thing to do and I need to have the "resolve" to do them.  And the "wish" is that my life would be made a little better if I stuck to these things.  Pay no mind to my "Type A" personality -here goes (and broken down into categories though in no particular priority otherwise):

  • Complete first Olympic distance triathlon (Lake St. Louis, probably)
  • Improve time at Sprint triathlon (Pewaukee or Show Me State Games) by 7-10 minutes
  • Finish iron distance in 2 week time period before April 1 (last year was 4)
  • Go to the pool 3x/month minimum
  • Swim 50,000 yards total
  • Complete first century (while raising money for ADA)
  • Try using my mountain bike for mountain biking at least twice
  • Ride ±25% of the Katy Trail (or more? 237.7 miles in Missouri; preferably with friends)
  • Bike 1200 miles total
  • Complete half-marathon (Trail? Road? Both?)
  • Set new 5K PR
  • Run 400 miles total
Adventure Racing
  • Volunteer or support crew at least one race (or non-race like CAC)
  • Went back and forth on adding something else here, but I'm not 100% committed to anything in particular and maybe the mountain biking goal should be written here instead of under "Biking"
  • Eat at least 10 servings of vegetables per week (yes, in theory this would read “3 or 4 per day", but there are so many days I don’t eat any that I think this is a realistic goal)
  • Eat lunch out no more than once/week and dinner out no more than twice (and make healthier choices most of the time)
  • Drink at least 48 oz of water/day (and during exercise doesn’t count)
  • Be solidly in the low 150’s by June 1 and maintain under 154 for remainder of year
  • Complete a record of my billable time each week
  • Invoice at the end of each month
  • Spend at least one hour each week marketing my business
  • Work at least 20 billable hours each week
  • Follow up on accounts receivable every 30 days
  • Do expense log at the end of each month
  • Generally, procrastinate less
  • Walk with my husband at least once/week (preferably alone so we can talk which is why this isn't really a "fitness" goal)
  • Spend at least two hours each week doing something one-on-one with each of my children
  • Go on a “date” with my husband at least once/quarter
  • Have “game night” at least once/month
  • Plan and execute a family vacation we will all enjoy the last week of June (family already voted Branson with ziplining, waterpark, Titanic exhibit and afternoon pontoon rental on lake as part of the wish list – is it too much to ask that I end the week with a triathlon?)
  • Plan at least two other family getaways (24 hours minimum) – one Jan to June and one July to December (and trip to see sister doesn’t count)
  • Save 5% of any check from a client to save for a gear purchase or trip from my bucket list – select item/trip and purchase without remorse or guilt
  • Read one book per month
  • Review this list at least once/quarter to reassess and reaffirm
I'm sure this list will be amended and tweaked as life happens, but I'm looking forward to what my life can become this next 12 months when I try to incorporate this list in each week.  Still working on putting together a race calendar.  Struggling as some race dates haven't been announced and others were just recently announced.  Also having some issues trying to decide how to integrate training for different events though there is plenty of overlap.


  1. Solid set of goals. I particularly like your marriage/family ones and am going to follow your example :) Great ideas. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  2. I went on a "date" with Mary on Ssturday night and blew off an early Sunday run so we could stay out later. She still thinks the real me was kidnapped by aliens and replaced with the guy who went out with her.

  3. Several great ideas of things to do to enrich your life over this next year. Good luck with your resolutions/goals/wishes!

  4. Wow, that's a solid goal list! You are much more ambitious than I am :-).