Friday, January 18, 2013

Cool, Sunny Run

After bailing on me yesterday, Susan committed to meeting at 8:30 for a long-ish slow run with me in the morning sunshine on the Katy Trail.  It was still pretty cool - probably in the upper 20's/low 30's - with a breeze, but once we got moving, I barely noticed.  We walked and talked, jogging here and there.  I'm never fast with her, but tend to go longer.  I really wish at some point I'd find this thing called "endurance".  So far, for me, it only means "not giving up".  But I get tired and out of breath so fast and that isn't fun.  I know if I would be more consistent with my training it would help.  But still so frustrating.

I had a minor medical procedure on Wed morning so I am healing up from that and didn't want to push too hard.  Thankfully, I barely noticed it.  Susan has a niggle in her foot that she is waffling on having checked out though she said it never hurt badly maybe thanks to her new pink shoes.  But neither of us wanted to do the full 8.4 miles we "usually" do on the trail so we turned around at the mile marker just past Hwy 63 for a round trip total of 5.6 miles.  Should leave me in plenty good shape for a "bank run" tomorrow in what is supposed to be awesome weather in the 50's.  So jealous not to be going to MLK2 with Team Virtus.  I must learn to mountain bike in the next 12 months - just so many other goals.

We had an early lunch and I came home and procrastinated away my day.  I'm going to have to learn to suck it up on the work front as well as the running front or I'll never get anywhere with either.

Swimming = 0 yds
Biking = 24.85 miles
Running = 25.9 miles

P.S.  Anyone else having trouble with Blogger not giving a "Browse to file" option when you click on the add picture icon?  I haven't been able to add a pic for over a week.  I even made a point to take one today.  Grr...


  1. Nice run! Running is frustrating until you build up some endurance. Going through the frustration is so worth it though. Just not enough time in the day and way too many fun things to do. My mountain bike has been sitting in my garage with a flat tire for at least two years and I live two miles from beautiful single track :-(. I have been running on them every weekend instead :-).

  2. Great run!!!! and yes - I've had a hard time with blogger this week. Grrr.