Thursday, January 3, 2013

Patches of Ice 5K

I had a hair appt at 8:30, but texted Susan because we had tentatively planned a run today.  She said she needed to drive up to Columbia and hit Sams and then would meet up closer to lunch time.  I told her I'd check the greenway and report back.  It looked clear in all except one spot under the overpass so I thought we were good to go.

We met at 12:30 and I suggested we run as far as we could in about 45 min and then turn around and come back.  Susan looked like that might be asking too much since she'd gotten up in the 3 o'clock(AM) hour to take care of the six babies born last night before running off to take her son to school, back to the hospital for notes and then to Columbia and back, etc.  But the real problem ended up being that the running was about 20-30 paces of "running" and then 10 paces tip toed over ice/snow patches - then repeat.  After stepping in some cold puddles near the ball fields, we turned around and went back to do a loop around the "state" streets.  Tons of hills on that loop - ugh - but the streets were pretty clear. 

We walked when we needed to and ran when the street/trail conditions allowed.  We did our usual "therapy" chatting and headed back to the car much sooner than I had planned.  I thought we were cutting it pretty short, but her phone running app said it was 3.1 miles so I guess it is ok. 

Susan gave me some Powerbar Gel Blasts, Sportbeans and a Saucony ear band for a belated Christmas gift.  I had wanted to pick up something for her and just couldn't decide what and then flaked when we didn't get a chance to run that week.  She is so sweet to me!  I'm sure her gifts will be very useful!

I used the extra time before school got out to head over to buy a new pair of running shoes.  I lucked out that they had my size in a pair that was discontinued.  I really hate how they do that - get rid of a model as soon as I find that I like it.

I roasted a turkey breast for dinner (first time I've done that).  Had a nice meal with my sis and her family who leave to head back to WI tomorrow.  We talked tonight about what race we'd like to do together in the summer, but I'm not sure I've figured it out.  My husband's work schedule will likely preclude him going with me and he isn't crazy about me traveling with the kids alone.  So I'm not sure what I'll do.  She is voting to repeat Pewaukee, but it is the week before Show Me Games this year instead of 2 weeks.

Darn it - I had all kinds of good intentions of taking a pic while Susan and I were out running today to work on my NY resolution of having more visual appeal to my posts.  I remembered as I was pulling out of the trailhead parking lot.  Doh!  Well - imagine patches of ice starting to melt, but messing up a perfectly good concrete trail.

Another day gone and I still haven't gotten enough work done.  Tomorrow I will go to the office and bury myself in stormwater pipe design until I get it figured out.  Then I can blow off the stress with a trainer ride over the weekend. 

Swimming = 0 yds
Biking = 0 miles
Running = 6.3 miles


  1. You have an office outside of the house? That's smart. Since I work at home I sometimes find it hard to get started or stop, depending on the day.

  2. I have to admit that I am spoiled with our good weather here in Hawaii. I would constantly be making excuses for not running in the cold.