Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Windy Ride w/ My Boy

Weather warmed up considerably today, but like many times over this mild winter (if you can even call it that) - it got WINDY!  Yuck!  I had a super busy day and was just changing my clothes to go ride when the kids got home.  Son decided to go with since it was nice-ish out.  But we fought the freaking wind the whole way!  We went to the National Guard and back and added one little stub up Wakoda for 5.3 miles.  Not really my plan, but time was limited so it had to do.  Then it was time to fight the crowd at McTeacher night (what a disaster), then hit the grocery store while the girl was at Brownies and then home to get everything else done that had been put off for the evening.  Fingers crossed for more riding tomorrow.  Really don't want to DNF my first virtual long distance tri.

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 69.8112
Run: 34.5/26.2


  1. You're getting there...and getting to ride with your kid is worth losing some miles. :)

  2. Windy is part of the game this time of year. I fight it all the time and remember that is just making me stronger. That right there fuels me to continue. I know you can do this so don't worry about a DNF!

  3. Every little bit is helping you get there!