Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quick "First" Ride

After a few quick errands this morning, I hit the road to Columbia.  Stopped in and checked with the surveyors on a project and then went to the LBS just after it opened.  I loaded up a big ole' shopping bag with new shoes, cleats, helmet, flat kit, extra tube and two ankle strap reflector things.  WITH the 10%discount it was still over $200 - ouch!  But I figure I shouldn't have to buy much else (for biking) for a while.  And the guy who helped me also put my bike on a trainer and gave me basic lessons on clipping in and out (which I got to practice several times - yay).  He also gave me a few thoughts on my fit (though he said I was pretty close already). 

I finished just in time to meet my friend Georganne for lunch.  We had a nice visit, meal, catchup bull session (about both business and personal stuff).  Then I busted a move back to Jeff City in time to go for another crazy ass windy ride.  I managed to clip in, ride, clip out twice (just to see if I could), ride and clip out at the end (almost fell the last time as I wasn't paying enough attention trying to look at my watch to see how long it took me and open the garage door at the same time - oops).  Knocked out 7.7 miles in 36 min give or take so I slightly improved my average speed (though I didn't do the hills in the middle of the ride like I normally do, but was fighting the insane 20 mph winds).  I did totally space taking water and was super thirsty when I got back!

Might go again depending on what homework needs to be supervised.  But I was ecstatic about my "first" ride with all my gear.  I'll try to snap a pic soon, but here are the two big purchases (photos lifted from Bontrager site):

New Shoes

New Helmet

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 77.5/112
Run: 34.5/26.2 


  1. I was thinking, you should buy another bike as a back-up, just in case. What do you think?

    1. I think you enjoy looking at bike porn, but my pocketbook can't take much more. I still have to save up for a trainer for indoor riding next winter plus I have two other sports to pay for. But I don't think you'll be nearly has helpful at helping me pick out a new swimsuit. :)

  2. Very cool!!!! My helmet has guitars on it...I stole it from my son. Have fun with your new toys :)

  3. Its always fun to get toys, but yeah, the biking part of this triathlon stuff gets expensive.

  4. I really like those shoes.

    Yeah, not cheap. Just wait till you're doing an ironman. ;)