Friday, March 23, 2012

Bank Run + More on Canoodling

First of all, I was apparently really tired when I wrote that post the other morning.  I didn't remember even typing about my extra-curricular activities with my husband.  I didn't realize I had put "canoodling" until I started getting comments about it.  I had to go back and re-read what I had posted.  And then, I totally laughed that no one managed to zing me for calling the post "Another Quickie" with talk of canoodling.  Geez - totally missed opportunity.  Oh, and I have no idea, but am guessing it doesn't have significant calorie burn to count as a workout.  And, no, there are no canoes involved.

So I had the work day from hell yesterday.  Super crazy deadline!  But I got it done (and can't wait to bill them for it).  However, I didn't manage to eat much all day and I was STARVING when I came home.  That pear and a few granola nut clusters I had packed for my breakfast (plus an evil Mountain Dew) just didn't cut it for an all day CAD-drafting-fest. 

My daughter's religion class homework this week was to do a family dinner where she planned the menu, helped prepare the food and decorated/set the table.  So we had chosen Thursday night to complete this because it was the only night we didn't have other obligations this week.  She selected "salad and chicken" for the menu - which meant "frozen fried chicken strips".  Good enough.  She helped me make a couple of really great salads for her parents and then cut up some favorite veggies for her and her brother (they didn't want salad - just carrots, celery and tomatoes).  We tossed the chicken in the oven and she got busy "decorating" with little love notes to each of us - so sweet!  Given my aforementioned crazy (and hungry) day, I devoured everything (tossing two small strips cut up on my salad which was awesome).  I also had a big glass of water to wash it all down.

By the time we cleaned up dinner, it was well after six.  Our bank branch (in Walmart) closes at 7 on weeknights and we had three checks to deposit.  So I decided to run (literally) this errand.  As I've mentioned before, it is about 1.5 miles each way to Walmart.  I got to the bank in about 16 minutes and back in about 17.  The sucky part was that having just consumed the vast majority of my day's calories only minutes before leaving, I got severe stomach cramps along the way and had to slow and walk it off.  I got a drink of water at the bank (as I was sweating profusely) and regretted that immediately when I resumed running.  So not crazy fast, but not bad considering.  Entire errand took 39 min.  Love it when I can take care of more than one thing at a time.

Got everyone tucked in after a nice hot shower with my husband.  There may or may not have been more canoodling.  Too bad I tossed and turned all night and feel a little like death on a cracker tonight.  The boys headed off to Bennett Springs on a camping/fishing/hiking trip with Boy Scouts (my son's first "big" campout since his recent crossover from Cub Scouts).  It has been raining all week so I pray it isn't a total disaster.  It also turned off a bit cool which might be better than sleeping in the warm temps we've had lately.  Me and the girl went to Pizza Slut for cheesey breadsticks and salad tonight (no pizza due to Lent). 

Now she is snuggling in on the couch for whatever Disney or Nick show strikes her and I'm catching up here.  I have some more work to do so I might try to dig into that.  But I might just go to sleep too.  Weather should be bikable tomorrow.  Will see if the girl wants to hang with grandma while I get that done.  I'm kind of sore from pushing my pace a little last night.  Should bust out the foam roller before I hit the sack.  Need to rest up for a girls night out tomorrow night (daughter going to sleepover)!


  1. Love that you fit in a run and errand...too bad you had just eaten. Not fun. Go foam roll....and maybe some canoodling. :)

  2. Considering my haircut/bike rides u know I'm down with this approach

  3. Umm... I was too scared to ask what canoodling was

  4. Haha, I totally picked up on the quickie and canoodling, but wasn't sure how you would take a comment to that affect. Now that you called me a dumb ass, I'm totally comfortable commenting on quickies and canoodling :-).

    1. Boy, I really shouldn't post or comment when I am tired. Didn't mean to call names. Though as I recall, I said "Don't be a dumbass". What? Didn't think ice pants were funny? I'm not easy to offend - thick skin comes with being a woman in my field of study. And I'd definitely deserve a crass comment when I overshare. All is fine among friends.

    2. The ice pants are a good idea. It's hard to sit still long enough to ice my knees.

      All is good with me being a dumb ass. I really thought it was funny. I also thought it was hilarious how Deb called me out on it in the first place. That and the fact I had word verification on after I had complained about it on her blog :-).