Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just for the record

I like to be able to keep track of all workouts.  After a full day of trying to get stuff done (including taxes - gee fun), all I have in me is a quick post.  Stacy came over.  We "Just Danced" and did AbRipperX.  About an hour's worth altogether.  Have been kind of bailing on core work lately so it was a good night to git'r done with the rain.  Just wanted to get it posted for my own records.


  1. I need to focus on core work too. Glad you have someone to work out with!

  2. Not that posting these on your blog isn't OK, but have you checked out any of the free online training diaries that allow you to enter each workout? Might be easy and if you like data they allow you to run all sorts of historical reports. Beginnertriathlete.com and dailymile.com are 2 that come to mind...

  3. Keep up the core work. That is a major key to staying healthy.

    And to follow-on to Patrick's comment, dailymile.com is a great record keeping tool.