Monday, March 12, 2012

MMNW Win + 4 miles

Got up in the dark this morning.  Man, the first few days of time change are a bitch!  But I got on the scale and started my week with a minor bright spot - Monday Morning Naked Weight = 169.2!!  Yay!!  I finally broke out of the 170's.  Now to just stay out.  Boo - 170's!

Tonight, Stacy and I hooked up for a run in the (still 69° at 8:30 PM) warm weather.  We did the Walmart 5K+ route (all the way to the end of the street) plus passed my house and went down to the Wakoda intersection and back.  I mapped it and it was just over 4 miles.  Yay.  I'm fighting some nasty sinus crap that is most likely allergies from all the blooming trees and flowers turned into sinus infection.  But since it isn't really in my chest, I thought the run was ok.  I felt a bit wore out, but some of that is the time change still too.  Stacy says she is proud of how much better I'm doing than a few months ago when I asked to walk most of it.  Not sure if I'll ever be as smoking fast as her, but I hope to never be last again (or at least not by as much LOL).

Tomorrow is a "long run" with Susan.  Not sure how much I'll be up for after tonight and this sinus junk, but the weather is supposed to be AWESOME so we're going right after we drop off the kiddos.  Yay again!  Looking forward to the St. Pat's 5K this weekend with my daughter.  Not likely to PR with the nearly 8 year old, but who knows.  She is pretty fast!


  1. Above the neck, exercise...below the neck, don't.

    Or something like that.

  2. I picked up the 110 Compression at the Tampa Gasparilla Expo. They also sell them online.

  3. Congrats on the MMNW! That is awesome. Nice four mile run too.

  4. Hate the time change, can't wait until it's phased out. Great progress!

  5. Great job on the weigh-in and your run! You are a rock star!

    Have a great run today.