Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time in Old Saddle

Closing in on the last week of the CTER 140.6 and I'm struggling to get in the bike mileage.  Even with yesterday's road bike purchase, I took my trusty old mountain bike out today when the weather warmed up into the 50's and was relatively sunny (that is, until I got about 2 miles down the road and here came the clouds and wind - ugh).  Today was all about knocking out some mileage.  I did a few hills along the way, but mostly hit the flat-ish stuff around the Scholastic complex.  Frustrating how slow it goes.  It took me 1 hr 45 min to do 18 miles (that included 4 real hills).  I know I was getting tired and sore along the way, but it is still kind of frustrating.

So here are the new CTER 140.6 totals (with a week to go - ack! - knew that bike mileage was going to be tough):

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 64.5/112
Run: 34.5/26.2


  1. bought a road bike?? Clearly I need to read back a little. Congratulations!!

    Don't give up on those bike miles. With a good week you can get them in. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we're motivated by a (what other people would probably consider silly) challenge. You can do it!

  2. I saw 3-4 of your model on Cannondale today at the race. Looks like a nice frame. One great thing about Cannondale's aluminum frames are that the welds and tube shaping are absolutely some of the best out there.

  3. I had a Cannondale road bike I rode for a year and loved it!