Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost there...

Wednesday night into Thursday morning, we had about a 40° temperature drop with pouring rain and more wind.  So yesterday became a rest day as I just wasn't feeling like fighting it and the forecast was for warmer temps today.  The sun came out, the wind died down some and I clipped in for another adventure in sucking it up.  I cranked out 17.8 miles in 1:27 - no super speed found with the new bike, but not bad as I added the hills back in with four climbs that kicked my butt.   And it is still faster than with the mountain bike even if by a little bit. 

I'm going to finish the CTER 140.6 this weekend.  I'm really glad it gave me a kick start on the bike for this season as I had been slacking over the winter as I focused more on the running.  I just need to catch a quick pool workout and a reasonable bike ride and I'll be able to send all my stats to Jason.  I'm curious to find out more about who all did this virtual event and what they took away from it. 

Regardless, I was happy to make a donation to his chosen charity "Shape Up America" and encourage others to support him as he continues to fundraise for them.  I'm glad that I've finding my way out of obesity and on to a healthier life.  This week I've seen scale numbers that are less than anything I've seen in my 30's and even the latter half of my 20's.  Just have to control myself at the fish fry tonight and get in a couple of good workouts this weekend.  Yay!

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 101.6/112
Run: 34.5/26.2 


  1. Totally knew you could do it. Way to go!

  2. It takes a little while to settle into a new bike, and understand how hard you can push. You will love it. Before you know it you'll be riding further than you dreamed you could.