Sunday, March 25, 2012

Duathlon Practice

After a crazy week at work and a couple of seriously lazy (read "no workout" though lots of "work") nights/days, the beautiful weather told me it was time to kick some ass this afternoon.  I put on sunscreen, sunglasses, my tri top and tri shorts (haven't worn them since last summer and was curious how they would fit with about 25 lbs less of me), my new Asics (with new speed laces) and decided to try out the idea of run, bike, run. 

On April 7th, I'm going to do my first duathlon.  Of course I figured if I was going to pay the money I might as well do the "long course" which really isn't that long in the scheme of things - 1.5 mi run, 15 mi bike and 3 mi run.  They serve pizza from my favorite college hangout at the end so all should be good. 

I haven't done a brick in close to six months (maybe longer?) and figured I should see how sucky it might be now that I'm a little more of a "runner" (ok, "jogger").  I set up a bit of a transition while my husband was preparing to mow.  Then he hopped on the tractor and I turned on my music and went for a short run.  Came back in 13:15.  When I mapped it later, turned out it was 1.23 miles.  Wahoo - that is a solid pace for me - under 11 min/mile.  Even though I had gone to the bathroom right before I changed clothes, I felt like I had to pee the entire time I was running.  So I did a super quick pee stop, shoe change and helmet fastening to head out on the bike (T1 = 1:45!).

Out to the Militia interchange, loop Scholastic, back to interchange, another Scholastic loop, back to intersection and back home via Wakoda - 58 minutes for what was later mapped as 13.67 miles!  Another solid pace for me!!  Yay!  Got back as my husband was closing up the garage from putting away the lawn equipment and was thinking about my watch, him closing the door, whether or not I wanted to get some water - yeah, everything except the fact that my feet were clipped in.  And tired legs aren't as interested in the little twist it takes to clip out!  But just before I face-planted, I got my foot out.  Doh!  With the excitement, I forgot to look at my watch after changing back to running shoes and taking off down the street.  T2 time = ??

Because the du run course is uphill in the back half, I thought heading down to Wavco and back would give me the hill experience on tired legs.  I was hurting and hot at this point though and found my new speed laces were really too tight.  Oops.  Will have to adjust for some swelling.  I was NOT having a good time.  I walked some and ran some and even stopped to try to adjust the shoes a little.  Finally decided to just power through and get home.  I wasn't going that far.  Got back in about 20 minutes for what was later mapped at 1.67 mi (with a long hill on the back half).  I was actually pretty ecstatic to see a pace around 12 min/mi considering that used to be about my top speed and I knew I had not had a great 2nd run.

Things I learned today:
  • It is a good idea to try out gear before race day. - speed laces need adjustment and tri shorts fit differently on my 166 lb body than they did on my 190 lb body and the tri top rides up a little.
  • Had no chafing with my tri shorts last year, but I need some glide on my inner thighs now (this may be due to the change of body size or the change of saddle).
  • I'm stronger and faster than I think I am. 
  • Bricks are less sucky when you don't go too far.
  • I'm going to do just fine at the duathlon - Shakespeares Pizza here I come!!
All in all, it was a little over an hour and half workout and a great confidence booster for the du.  I'm a little sore, but only "good workout" sore - not injury sore.  Will try to get in a couple more workouts this week (schedule willing) and then taper a bit for next week.  Off to a conference super early in the morning so I'd better hit the sack (especially given my 2 AM bedtime after a great girls night out last night).


  1. I like "I'm stronger and faster than I think I am."

  2. A very impressive T1 time. Nicely done on all of it.

  3. Awesome improvements! It's nice you are feeling strong leading up to your race.

  4. Doing a bricks(and in your case triple) is always a great confidence builder. Good pace too.