Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crazy Busy Week/Weekend

I may or may not be an overachiever:

  • Monday = Up before dawn, make lunches, find dress clothes that fit my skinnier body, bust a move to drive the hour to Osage Beach for conference breakfast (who thought 7 AM on a Mon was a good idea), spend all day at conference, bust move back to town to pick up daughter and take her to first volleyball "game" (no score was kept), then grab late dinner and pick up son from judo lesson and then home to regroup for the next crazy day.
  • Tuesday = Up just slightly before dawn, make lunches, decide to wear same suit different blouse to deal with lack of business clothes, back to the lake, all day at conference (including presentation and panel discussion being one of four panelists), drinks with colleagues, grab Arbys on way back, back home to regroup for next day.
  • Wednesday = Slept in until 6:10 AM, make lunches, back home to shower, up to Columbia to finish proposal on big street job and make copies, deliver proposal in Centralia, back to Jeff City by about 1:30, run around to shop for birthday gifts for daughter, pick up produce box from Stacy, home to wrap said bday gifts, out to dinner (pizza - ugh) for daughter's bday where she opened gifts, then to volleyball practice, then out to ice cream with daughter's friend whose parents were meeting with the guy they are buying a house from, then back home for girls to play until friend picked up and I shoved everyone towards bed.
  • Thursday = Slept in until 6:20 AM, make lunches, back home to clean up and find another "business" outfit (repeated one blouse since different people), catch up on blogs instead of prepping for meeting, fly by seat of pants at meeting with client at 11 (only 11 miles out of town - not bad), back home to continue procrastinating and then pick up children and get through homework, etc.  Ate a light dinner and drug myself out the door for a run (hallelujah - thank God for small miracles).  Took the bank deposit by foot again - 5k better than nothing.  Wasn't feeling it!  Crashed into bed.
  • Friday = Up at crack of dawn again, make lunches, find yet another business outfit (really need to go shopping to fit my new size 12 frame), drop kids at school at 7:08 and bust a move to St. Louis (Chesterfield) for all day seminar on various stormwater/erosion control products (did win a $25 gift card door prize at least), deliver 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to friend in St. Charles (which I didn't realize wasn't really on the way), sat on I-70 for 20-30 min trying to leave town, roll in at 6:55 PM and change and throw my stuff together to leave (after discussing a school incident with my son and one of the science baby chickens with my husband) and head out to the Girl Scout lock in (stopping by Walmart on the way to get a new air mattress because of course the 10 year old one has a slow leak).  Spend night (notice this doesn't equal "sleep") at kids' school with a plethora of giggly girls.
  • Saturday = After minimal sleep due to snoring mom (not me) and noisy air mattresses on tile floors, we got up at 6:10 and ate breakfast (or not as the case may be) and packed up to leave by about 8:00.  Caught up on blogs while my phone charged and then ran out to get goodie bags stuff, craft stuff and groceries for a birthday party we are hosting at 3:30 PM.  It is now 1:15 and the cakes/cupcakes are baked.  The watermelon that she said she wanted with dinner is cut up.  She got all the crafty stuff set out.  Thinking it is time for nap.  Too bad the weather is perfect for a bike ride.  I'm not sure my patience will last on the minimal sleep though.  Better bag the bike for tomorrow.  Oh, except that tomorrow we'll have 15 people for lunch (family birthday gathering).  Ugh - will have to shop for that after church tomorrow as I didn't have my act together to get it done today.
Anyone else need to learn to say "no" more?  I tucked my "supermom" cape into my dirty t-shirt.  Time to at least get showered so I don't stink when the four 2nd grade girls show up to invade my house for the remainder of the day.


  1. Ummm, yeah, I'd say you were busy!!

    Isn't fitting into smaller clothes the BEST feeling? :)

  2. WOw, that is crazy busy! Congrats on needing to go clothes shipping. That is really awesome!

  3. O are living a nuts life right now! Put that cape away!

    So excited you get to go shopping for new, smaller clothes!

  4. I really want to go, but that means blowing off my 8 yr old's soccer game, and I missed on last week for LBL and I'll miss one the 21st for another race. I'd really like to bring him with me, but I know my husband would have zero interest in driving 2 hours for the race.

    1. Kate - I totally get that being a mom comes way before racing. And 2 hours is a long way to drive for a 5K (though I'm sure you could kind of make a day out of it since there are other fun things to do in Mid-MO). Anxiously awaiting the next LBL story installment.