Monday, March 5, 2012

My Day w/ Dancing & Abs

I had the usual morning antics with getting two kids to school near 7:30 AM (returning to school with a missed lunchbox - grr), off to Columbia to get ready for a meeting that I thought was at 9:00, but no one showed - one person thought it was at 11 and another thought it was on Tue.  Ugh - but managed to catch up on some pending projects (fingers crossed) with the surveyors and a structural engineer friend.  Rescheduled meeting for tomorrow.  Spent some quality time in the LBS looking at cycling shoes, helmets, trainers, flat kits, clothes, etc.  It will be an expensive trip the next time I go (though I'll postpone the trainer).  I picked out a lot, but didn't have my bike with me to verify everything. 

Checked that I was not in charge of kid pickup and dropped some books at the library.  Got home just as they were pulling in the driveway.  Got everyone started on homework, took two client calls and moved another potential project forward.  Cooked dinner (but didn't have time to eat) and headed out to take son to Judo (Parks and Rec - pretty low end, but worth a shot).  Ran some errands while he was there and then picked him up to shuttle to Boy Scouts (didn't realize when signing up for Judo that this would be a conflict because he hadn't crossed over yet). 

Got home and shuffled him through shower and dinner in time for Stacy to come over.  I was pretty tired and sore from yesterday's bike ride so we decided to Just Dance it out for a bit (broke a sweat though) and then do AbRipperX.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm so fingers crossed I can get the bike stuff sorted out and try to crank out some more miles.  I'm fearing not being able to finish the 112 miles.  Takes so freaking long when you are as slow as me.  Unfortunately, tomorrow will also be super busy with two dr appts in the morning, client meeting at 11, checking in with the surveyor on a project that I need topo on asap and getting back to supervise homework before Brownies and McTeacher night (great - thanks for encouraging fundraising for the school with crap food!).  Hate these busy weeks!

Oh, almost forgot - MMNW was 170.4 - a new record low!  Yay!  Better get some rest for tomorrow.


  1. You WILL get to 112. It's a non-issue.

  2. Like I've said before, all that running around should equate to a mileage credit of some sort.