Wednesday, May 1, 2013

If you give a girl a coupon...

I was a little sore last night and this morning from all the bike riding in the last week.  Then this morning I had the "joy" of fighting to install and configure a new network card for the plotter I share with the surveyors.  Finally got some things plotted and some other work done before taking off to get a bite and then heading back to pick up children. 

But a couple days ago, a friend shared a coupon that would give me 25% off most things at Dicks Sporting Goods.  I have been wanting to get a couple of new bike jerseys (as I currently only have one).  I also was out of just about everything as far as nutrition for long rides/runs goes. 

If you give a girl a coupon....she might give herself permission to go shopping.....and if she goes shopping, she might try on a bunch of different running and biking clothes....and once she finds two jerseys that fit that she liked, she might get busy picking out a wide range of nutrition to try (some she had tried before)....and once her basket was getting expensive (even with the coupon), she'd check out and run hope with only a hint of shame for what she'd spent.

Safety Yellow Pearl Izumi jersey and blue Canari jersey
A little bit of everything! Boy this stuff adds up!
Can't wait to go riding in my new jerseys!  Now if the weather would just stay warm!


  1. I like your taste with the nutrition, I use most of those.

    Your right, coupon equals shopping

  2. Don't get amazon prime. The free two day shipping makes thing worse :-).