Sunday, May 19, 2013

Don't be a Chickensh*t

It was a little scary getting back at it.  I laid around most of my wonderful Mother's Day with my bandaged arm.  And truthfully, I did that a lot the rest of the week too in between being busy with work and kid stuff.  Part of taking the week off was being stiff and sore and my arm oozing and bleeding every time I changed the bandage.  But, in all honesty, a good part was also dreading getting back on that horse that threw me.  It was good to rest, but at the end of a week off - it was time to stop being such a chickenshit (which Bob Jenkins assures me is one word).

So last night I sucked it up.  I had checked that my tire wasn't noticeably out of true and my helmet wasn't cracked.  I decided a short-ish easy-ish ride in my usual stomping grounds (with no railroad tracks) would be a good check of how the bike was doing.  It had been a pretty hot day so it was nice to go out after dinner.  I rode 9.7 miles.  The first few miles seemed to send shooting pain up through my right arm/elbow as I went over any bump or crack.  But after a while, I was able to mostly tune that out and just pedal away.

Walter texted me and asked how I was healing and I shared my nearly 10 miles of triumph.  He suggested we head out early this morning (before it got too hot again).  That worked for me since we had my nephew's first communion at 11:30.  I was up and at'em early and ready to go at 7 AM.  We headed out for a moderate 24.8 mile ride around Jefferson City.  The down side is that we have A LOT of hills around town and there really isn't a way to go out without climbing at least some of them.  I felt pretty good (though sweaty) on most of the ride, but Seven Hills Road was just too late in the route and I was a bit shaky after the last big ass climb.  Stopped for a drink and felt silly when we were only about 4 miles from my house.  Shook it out and got going again.  I was pretty worn out afterwards which puzzled me a little.  Not sure if it was too many hills or the heat/humidity or what. 

In other news, my daughter participated in the local Hershey's Track meet yesterday morning.  It was a free event, but is a qualifying event that can lead to the national meet in Hershey, PA later in the year.  She ran the 50m, 200m and then did the softball throw.  She came in 3rd, 4th, and 2nd respectively which means she doesn't advance, but she got some ribbons and had a good time.  It was sunny and warm, but at least there was a little breeze.  My daughter had a friend at the meet that had a big sport umbrella that she sat under and played while she waited for her events to be called.  What a life saver!

My girl in full stride (blonde in turquoise) - not sure why this didn't load properly
The kids get out of school for the summer Tuesday at 1 PM.  Lots going on this week with end of school, son's 12th birthday, softball practices and games, work, etc.  Better get to bed early tonight and rest up so I can squeeze a couple bike rides in there too.

Swimming = 10,000 yds = 5.7 mi
Biking = 672.0 miles
Running = 91.0 miles


  1. How'd I miss you had a crash??? (Just checked, you posted on a Saturday -- I usually don't read blogs on the weekend...)

    Way to jump back on that horse!

  2. Glad your first rides back went well. I'm always gunshy for a bit after I've crashed, and since mine always happen on singletrack I don't think they've been as bad as yours was.

    Cool that B did well in her meet and placed!

  3. Glad to hear it went well. It's just like riding a bike, right? (ok, that was pathetic).

  4. The hardest part after going down is the first ride back outdoors. One time, it took me over a month to ride outside again