Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rained Out Long Run

I come to you from my new Microsoft Surface tablet.  I'm so excited to have something that doesn't weigh a ton sitting on my lap (or get so freakin' hot) and that is more than portable enough for taking to the office or coffee shop.  Yay me!  It is a "business expense" as it has a pretty good amount of Office products to be used for writing reports and such.  But of course I will enjoy using it for some personal things too. 

Today dawned with a ton of clouds that slowly brought the rain.  Susan was busy waiting on her new fridge and I was puttering around the house after a whirlwind trip to the grocery store (and still managed to forget something I needed for a recipe).  So our long run was not to be.  But I headed to Best Buy to get my new computer and a printer.  Our printer was purchased when I was early in my pregnancy with my son so it is almost 13 years old.  I haven't set up the printer yet, but it is a decent wireless one.

Late in the afternoon, the sun came out and I needed to get one more thing from the store and deposit a check I got from a client.  Great excuse to get in a 5K jog! And with that, I was off to Walmart.  With the rain this morning and then the sun, it was muggy out this afternoon.  There was a bit of a breeze, but it was still plenty warm.  I went to the bank, picked up the can of mushroom soup I needed for my stroganoff and headed back home.  Annoying to run with a can of soup in my fanny pack, but even moreso to run with it in my hands.  Such is life.

Gotta run the girl to Brownies (Girl Scouts) here shortly.  Need to catch up on work tomorrow since today was a bit of a bust.  Tomorrow night is the girl's piano recital and then a long bike ride on Saturday morning - hoping to go at least 60-ish.  No big Mother's Day plans.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I told my husband that since I paid for the tablet out of my business account, it is not my gift.  I also told him that the GPS watch is going to be my gift.  My dilemma is that my dream watch is the $399 Garmin 910XT.  However, I found a Timex Run Trainer for $179 (including heart rate strap which is another $50 on the Garmin) that will do about 90% of what the Garmin will do (basically everything except swim metrics - though it is waterproof).  It isn't truly a multisport watch, but it will switch between min/mile and mph so it would cover two of the three sports pretty well.  I'm not sure if it will pair to a cadence sensor (the web site seems to indicate that it will but DC Rainmaker's review didn't seem to indicate this).  That said, I'm not sure I'd spend the money on the fancy sensor for a while (if at all) anyway.  And as much as electronics tend to change, maybe I'll want a new watch in a few years and then I could splurge on the fancier model after I see how much I use it.  On the other hand, we totally have the money to just buy what I want, but it is hard to justify twice the cost.  Decisions, decisions!  I'm open to thoughts.

Swimming = 10,000 yds = 5.7 mi
Biking = 591.1 miles
Running = 91.0 miles


  1. Running with a can of soup in your fanny pack made me chuckle :-).

    Tough call on the Garmin. I've been on the fence about getting a 910XT a few times. For now I decided to keep it simple and not worry about my real distance or pace. They seem kind of big too compared to my Timex watch that only has heart rate.

  2. The 310XT would be a good compromise between the 2 watches, or get an even more basic Garmin and swim with it in your cap.

    Two cans of soup next time for balance.