Friday, May 24, 2013

Overcoming Inertia

Even my shiny new watch wasn't enough to overcome some of my inertia this week.  You know that law of physics about a body at rest tends to stay at rest?  Ugh!  It was a busy week with the last day and a half of school, my son's 12th birthday and a fair amount of work (well, yesterday anyway).  But I could NOT let another day/evening go by without getting my happy ass on my bike. 

So I drug my butt off the couch and headed out kind of late in the day (7 PM).  I figured I could make the 20 mile round trip before the sun set (though I really need to replace the battery in the light on my bike!).  I cranked away suffering on the inclines (like always though now I know by how much when I watch my heart rate skyrocket) and enjoying the downhills.  I turned around when I had gone a little over 10 miles and headed back.  I picked up the pace a little as the sun started dropping faster and faster.

Came back through Taos as some people were crossing the road to where their car was parked and this old man stopped in the middle of the road and stuck his arm up and grabbed his junk.  I'm not sure if that was supposed to me I looked strong and had balls or what.  It was kind of weird. 

I flew down the hill back towards home (max speed over 30 mph - wow!).  And then cranked up my heart rate as I climbed back out of the floodplain.  I got back to my driveway with 21.4 miles on my watch so rode up to the next intersection to end with 21.57. 

Trying to decide when to ride this weekend.  Walter is going very early tomorrow for 50 miles, but it is supposed to be kind of cold.  It is better to ride with someone, but I'd kind of like to go later in the day or perhaps Sunday.  Don't want the inertia to rebuild too high though.  I'm feeling pretty beat right now so I'll play it by ear. 

Swimming = 10,000 yds = 5.7 mi
Biking = 699.3 miles
Running = 92.0 miles


  1. Good job getting out there! Very weird with that old guy. Not much longer before your big day!

  2. ice job on the bike! Now, start working on the good inertia. ;)

  3. What up with that guy? Weird. Great ride though! Nothing like racing the sun to get a great ride in.