Monday, May 20, 2013

Garmin = Good Excuse 4 Workout

If you heard a squeal coming from the midwest this morning, it was probably me as I took my brand new Garmin 910XT out of the box!  Yay!  I've been saving and my husband told me to just go ahead and order it for Mother's Day (yes, I do think he is expecting a BIG Father's Day gift).  Then I saw on DC Rainmaker's blog that it was about to go on sale. 

I waited until last Friday morning (just after I got up) and clicked the link to Clever Training through his blog and scored my new watch (w/ HRM strap) for $339 (over $100 off!).  By 9:30 in the morning, I had an email that said it had shipped USPS Priority Mail from FL.  I went to check the tracking number this morning after I saw our mailman drive by and it said it was here!  I went out to the mailbox and sure enough - the box took up the whole front of the mailbox!  YAY!

So I brought it inside, unpacked all the goodies and turned it on.  I played with a few settings and then set it up to charge.  This afternoon, after going to an end of the year assembly at the kids' school, I came home and changed clothes to go for a very short run (just 1.0 mile) with my daughter to test it out.  Then, because I wanted to play with it some more, I went out for a short ride too!  I came home and dumped it all into Garmin Connect (though I still need to figure out how to bring the maps and stuff into my blog).

Lots of good fun!  I'm sure to be a bit of a data junkie for a while.  Still need to get out and try out the swim metrics, but probably won't get to do that until after Tour de Cure is over.  Need to get in plenty of bike time for now.

Swimming = 10,000 yds = 5.7 mi
Biking = 677.7 miles
Running = 92.0 miles


  1. Congrats on the new toy! Let us know what you like and don't like about it please.

  2. LOVE new toys!!!! And I do believe I heard you squeal all the way in Maine!

  3. I LOVE my 910xt, and I am sure you will too. That is a great deal for it.