Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Multi-Tasking Tuesday

Two crazy busy days of work crammed into Monday and Tuesday between 8:15 AM and 2:30 PM (the times I can work in my out of town office on days I have to pick up kids from school).  The mom that I share rides with is moving into their new house/unpacking and asked me to cover a bunch this week.  But I had a ton of work to get done so I worked through lunch both days (not good move as I was starving both afternoons at 3:30). 

And after wolfing down an early dinner/late lunch at 3:30, I put my bike rack on my car and got changed into bike clothes.  I loaded two bottles with Powerade and we headed out to my daughter's piano lesson which was at 4:30.  While she had her lesson, I ran an errand to the Post Office (about time I returned all those bid bonds on my street project).   After piano, we drove through a traffic jam across the bridge to the North JC practice fields. 

I dropped my girl off with her new softball coach and jumped on my bike.  I rode out to the WWTP, then by the airport, and onto Hwy 94 out past Wainwright to Feeler Road and then did the whole route backwards.  The wicked crosswind made it feel like a head wind both directions.  Not so much fun.  And being mostly flat, there was no coasting to give any kind of break.  It was also one of the warmest rides I've had this year (mid-80s) and I blew through my two bottles.  I'll have to pay attention to that on June 1 and make sure I refill when I can. 
The down side of the Capitol being so big/tall is that you can see it a long time before you are anywhere near it.
This was just after getting back off the highway and looking across the airport and WWTP.
Also probably not the smartest move to hit the highway during rush hour.  People are rushing home from work and buzzing me a little close for comfort.  If I multitask during next week's practice, I'll head into town - still traffic, but going 30-40 mph instead of 60-70.  I time it just right and pulled back up to the car right as the girls were finished with practice.  Go me!

Got home and fed my daughter dinner while I showered (thanks to daddy who'd cooked), had her shower while I mapped the ride to see how long it was and then checked Facebook and a couple blogs while she finished her homework under my supervision.  I've gotten comments sometimes about how crazy my schedule can be.  I just think of it as the life of a busy self-employed mom.  Sometimes I get more of a chance to catch my breath - other days (like today) I just squeeze it in however I can.

Swimming = 9600 yds = 5.5 mi
Biking = 558.0 miles
Running = 80.8 miles


  1. Can't imagine riding on the highway -- all my rides are on relatively busy roads, but nothing that fast.

  2. The good thing about TdC is there'll be plenty of SAG stops and opportunities to refill. And I hear you on the crazy schedule!

  3. I concur with Kate, you will have plenty of stops to refill on a TdC ride

    Also thinking the same thing as Kovas, I stay away from the freeways