Monday, April 29, 2013

Bike Rides

Apparently, I didn't get around to mapping/blogging my Thursday night ride.  Since I hadn't followed up with Susan, she thought I was too busy for our usual Thursday morning run.  In actuality, I was just lazy.  I feel slightly guilty about it, but less so since it took away any excuse not to go on the bike ride. Walter gathered a small group to take advantage of a break in the rain and cold temps with a ride around town starting from the Ellis Blvd parking lot and looping Jeff City for 21.3 miles.  Funny how perspective changes - this felt "short" with some of it feeling "easy".  Hmm...

I had a lovely girls night out with Susan on Friday (no running - just margaritas and Tom Cruise).  I was stoked for a long ride on Saturday with Walter and friends.  But Mother Nature was not cooperating.  Pouring rain canceled the ride and I spent half the day doing laundry and the other half just chilling. 

Looked like the ride was being moved to Sunday at 11.  They wanted to meet across town at an elementary school for 20-25 miles.  I wanted more miles so I decided I'd leave an hour early and ride to the meetup spot and ride back afterwards for about double the mileage.  But when I texted after I got home from church, I found out it had been postponed again because it was only 50° with a forecast for 70° later in the afternoon.  Enjoyed a nice breakfast with my family and chilled for a bit longer.  It had only made it up to the mid-50's with a lot of cloud cover when I left at noon.  I was a bit chilly until I got through the first two climbs.

I got to the school with about 5-10 min to spare, chatted with Kelly and waited for the others.  It was nice to start all warmed up where I could almost keep up with Kelly and Bruce.  Walter was bringing up the rear with Prenavi (who hadn't biked in 3 months).  I ended up in kind of a odd middle spot where I couldn't quite keep up with the front two, but was solidly ahead of the back two.  I hate riding alone.  We did a tough loop around St. Martins and Elston with some gut-busting hills.  They build character though, right?  Everyone seemed pretty tight on time so there was little dawdling. 

Turned out that my daughter's softball practice had been moved to the school where I had met my bike friends.  I called my husband about the change and he brought her.  Practice was to start at 3, about ten min after I got back to the school.  I just got her on this new team (modified rec - slightly more competitive, but no traveling which I think is ridiculous for 3rd graders).  So I wanted to make sure she was doing ok getting settled with a bunch of new girls/new coaches. 

I hung out watching practice for about 30 min and she was doing fine.  The sun had finally come out about this time and I realized I didn't bring my sunglasses - oops.  I decided if I didn't get back on my bike and head for home, I'd be too tempted to toss it in the back of my husband's truck and get a lift home.  So off I went.  I stopped at a convenience store about half way home since I was out of fluids and wanted a snack.  And before long, I was almost home.  McCarty Street's bad luck was less horrifying this week - just a dropped chain on the last hill before home.  Doh!  Nothing like getting all greasy fingered and having nothing to wipe my hands. 

Got to the house and still felt pretty good - briefly thought about blowing past and getting in another 5-8 miles by going out to the interchange, but home was just too inviting.  Went inside and mapped it out best I could recall all the turns.  I'm pretty sure I got it right - 44.8 miles.  Should have gone for that extra bit as I really should be doing 50+ rides on the weekends.  Training plan actually called for 60 so I am behind.  Less than 5 weeks until I need to double that.  Praying it isn't too awful.

Swimming = 9600 yds = 5.5 mi
Biking = 537.6 miles
Running = 80.8 miles

And since I haven't recorded it in a while: MMNW = 162.0 - annoyed that I seem kind of "stuck" between 160-163, but not annoyed enough to buckle down on the diet front.  Just more mental energy than I have right now.


  1. You've got some longer rides in...keep it up, you'll be fine for your century. Between training and determination you'll finish it. :)

  2. Bummer about the in-between group ride, but impressive that you rode home instead of hitching that ride. :)

  3. it always amazes me how you manage to get workouts in when you are so busy and seemed to being going 100mph!!