Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loop-de-Loo + Linkup

I started this post on Monday with the intention of finishing and posting it that evening.  But it seemed inappropriate with all the tragedy of the Boston Marathon.  Then yesterday I did my 2 workouts to say "screw you" to the evil of the world. 

Today I needed to get my butt on the bike for a "Moderate effort ride of 50 minutes" per the Tour training plan.  With a sky full of dark clouds, I decided a loop-de-loo workout that wouldn't leave me too far from home if the skies opened up would be best.  I fought some pre-storm wind from the south and the fact that we saw temps in the 80's today.  But I did three loops up and over the interchange and around Scholastic for 15.5 miles (avg 13.7 mph even with wind and 4 hills).

And back to my previously planned post:  I enjoyed Jamoosh and Kovas's participation in the new link-up from Kelly the Culinarian so I thought I'd play along.  Been a while since we've done some kind of meme like this - check out her answers as well as others over at the Running Blogger Survey and add your own link if you get a chance.  Take this for what it is worth since I only barely consider myself a "runner".

Best Run Ever:
In a race, I'd say the Jingle Bell Run 2011.  I had a great time running with a friend and her son and reminiscing about my college days as we ran through the MU campus.  I wouldn't say I "raced" it, but I was "in a race".
As far as training runs, I enjoy almost all of the ones I do with friends.  Or at least more than I enjoy going alone.  Still trying to "find the love" of running in general.  A pretty day shared with one or more friends can make it all worth it.
Three Words That Describe My Running

Slow, Painful, Necessary

My Go-To Running Outfit

In the cooler (cold) temps, tights and/or yoga pants with a long sleeve tech tee (current fave is one I got on clearance at Kohls that is pink with kind of a tribal design on the front - click HERE if you want to see the shirt in a truly awful finish line pic) and my Performance jacket.  I sometimes wear my Original Buff on my ears or my Saucony ear band that Susan got me for Christmas.  Cheap stretchy gloves because I tend to take them off after we get moving and I don't want to be too broken hearted if I lose one.

Warmer temps, sometimes I wear my tri shorts on the bottom though I also love some capris I have and a tech tee (my favorite is a Fila safety orange one I got at Kohls that of course they discontinued when I went back to get another).

Always wear Asics on my feet - whichever the model that Ultramax is carrying at the time for more "structure".  I've thought about switching, but in general they work for me.  And I fell in love with Pearl Izumi socks a couple years ago and wear them about all the time (even when not running and biking) now.  Also wear a pink Road ID Slim and my cheapo sports watch on most outings.

I Won’t Run Outside When It’s...

Icy/multiple inches of snow on sidewalks/road; way below 0°F; or lightening.  I used to say "rain", but I've kind of gotten over that.  Maybe not a downpour.

Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It

Haven't had too awful of an injury yet.  I have fought some shin splints and general knee/hip/butt pain off and on.  I turned my ankle pretty badly (sprained probably) on a trail run in December that still has some stiffness and soreness from time to time.  Generally, when I am hurt or feeling the various niggles we all get, I'm big on resting, foam rolling, stretching and self-massage (though I wish I could spend the real money to get more regular professional massages).

I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When...

I did the SHIT-R non-race with my Team Virtus friends.  Even though it is still my only DNF, it was in insane conditions and I felt like a badass for even attempting it as my first half. 

Potential Running Goal for 2013

First half marathon - probably Roots and Blues in September.  More focused on my big bike goal right now (first century on June 1 for Tour de Cure).

Next Race Is...

TriZou on Sunday, May 5 - Haven't swam much in 2013.  It might be an ugly first leg.  The bike and run will depend on the temps and the wind.  I know I can finish.  Hoping to not be last.

Swimming = 7600 yds = 4.3 mi
Biking = 419.5 miles
Running = 80.8 miles


  1. These are fun to read, thanks for sharing

  2. 400+ miles biking already, that is great. It is fun to read these and yes, the SHIT-R definitely makes you a badass.

  3. Best of luck at your next Tri! You amaze me with all that you do!!!

  4. Thanks for linking up! Good luck on your first half, it's a huge accomplishment.

  5. Fun list! I'm all about the cheapie knit gloves, too. I just use my youngest's mismatched leftovers. :)