Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two-Fer Tuesday

Yesterday was a rest day and a day of prayers for all involved with the Boston bombing. I checked in on some of my blogger friends (and their spouses) that were running, but thankfully they were all fine - a benefit of them all being speedy.  So sad for the lives lost and changed forever.

Today I got some work done and then knocked out a mile in the pool, drove home, ate an early dinner because I'd missed lunch, and ran 3.1 miles (to bank/Walmart and back).  I also called my sister on my way home after finding out the college where she teaches was on lockdown while a mentally unstable man walked around a campus parking lot with a long gun (which turned out to be airsoft, but was still scary).

Take that you evildoers!  I didn't let the misty rain get me down and I won't let you win either.  Screw you!

Swimming = 7600 yds = 4.3 mi
Biking = 404.0 miles
Running = 80.8 miles


  1. Sad day indeed. But I love how casually you write about swimming a mile and running a 5K, that's awesome/