Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Inspires You?

Today, among the things I was "supposed" to be doing - I continued to read up on athletes that inspire me.  I can only dream of being so inspiring.  For the last few weeks, I've been reading triathlete and runner blogs.  I also joined a local multi-sport club after reading some of their inspiring race reports (and finding out about the 10% discount at the local running store). 

Upon having been put on their crazy busy listserv, I received an email about a news story on the Team True Spirit.  This is a group of UK wounded soldiers (mostly amputees) that just completed the UK Ironman competition as relay teams (and one soldier who basically said "Ah heck, I was training to do the bike and the run so I figured why not toss in a couple miles in the water" and did the whole thing himself.  Amazing!

And there was a reference to the infamous (and Ironman Hall of Fame) Team Hoyt.  Rick and Dick Hoyt (the senior Hoyt now 70 years old) that have finished over 1,000 marathons, triathlons, and other races/events through the amazing love of a father for his physically challenged son.  Tears flowed from my eyes - and Ironman?  TOUGH!  And Ironman where you pull your adult son in a boat, pedal with him in a chair mounted on your bike (for over 300 lbs of resistance total), and push him in a racing wheel chair (that was invented prior to baby joggers) is INCREDIBLE!!  And to do it multiple times?  Into your sixties?  Can't even wrap my brain around it!

And I had read about these heroes only an hour or so before reading on another triathlete's blog (tridadoffive) about the complete and total difference in mindset that you develop as you dive into the journey that is triathlon.  About the people that inspire us to push past the pain, make the tough choices to find the time in our busy lives to train...about what motivates us.  So, what motivates you?  To do whatever it is that you do?

As a side note, Tri Dad of 5 visited my blog and wrote an encouraging note which really made my day.  My first blog comment.  Going to try and use that motivation to get off my butt first thing in the morning and knock out a bike ride before it gets crazy hot again. 

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  1. I'm motivated by the challenge of doing something I'm not sure I can do. Now that I've done some bigger things, it's more a case of impulsively deciding to do something and then having to live up to it. Reading what other bloggers are doing and realizing how much cool stuff is out there and that "normal" people can do them is inspiring, and the realization that you don't have to be in a position to "win" to belong out there is totally liberating for me.

    Good luck to you, and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)