Monday, August 29, 2011

Bike 5 Easy Miles

Also known as, kids slow me down but it is better than nothing.  Kids wanted to ride up to the local burger/ice cream joint tonight with the neighbors.  We went to head out and the neighbors said to go ahead that they weren't quite ready to go.  Took both kids (7 and 10) with me and since we had time to kill I suggested we add a couple miles of relatively flat road to our ride.  I got some whining from the 10 year old, but just rode on and they followed.  We went from home to Windriver, back to Daisy Delight (stopping to meet up with neighbors so kids could each have a cone), back home (to drop off the kids) and out and back to each of the Wakodas.  Mapped it and it was about 5 miles, but it was mostly flat - very easy mileage.  Really need to kick it in gear and get a long ride figured out.

Oh, and as a follow up to the 5k - MAN I WAS SO SORE!!  Geez!  I had no idea those hills would kick me in the butt, quads, hamstrings, arms, back - you name it!  Wowser! 

Another side note:  I finished reading "Slow Fat Triathlete".  It was ok.  I may have appreciated it more if I had read it last spring before I had already tackled my first tri.  Jayne has an easy-to-read, cute writing style.  But there wasn't much I didn't already know.  Guess it did accomplish the mission to inspire me to do more than I think I can no matter what my current weight is.  Just keep training towards the goal.  I started a book called "Everything Running".  It seems very elementary so far, but I am only in the first couple of chapters.  My guess is that one of the CMC folks will be a better source of info, but it is worth a shot.  Free from the library so I'm not out anything other than my time.

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