Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heart 5k

Enjoyed opening night of Helias High School football last night.  Visited with a friend for most of the game.  Watched as the boys tripped up a little late in the game, but pulled out a win by a couple of field goals.  Got home and got everyone cleaned up and off to bed, but I couldn't get myself to sleep for anything!  Grr....Got up this morning about 6:20 after just a few hours of solid sleep and a lot of tossing and turning.  Got dressed and woke my daughter up.  I have no running shorts (having trouble finding the coverage I'm after and really haven't shopped enough for them) so I wore my tri shorts.  It was either that or denim (that are getting too big)!

We got to the site of the Heart walk and were told the 5k was starting on the other side of the park by the pool.  We had plenty of time so we hiked through the park to the sign in table.  It was pretty loosely organized, but I went ahead and signed both of us in.  Paid the extra $20 for my daughter to have an official race number.  Happy to donate to AHA so not a big deal.  Weather was gorgeous!

Started at the top of the hill (intersection of Binder and Main) at 7:30.  Ran down Binder (and back up), down Livingston (and back up), across Boonville, down Belair (and back up and up), down Hillsdale (and back up), across Ridgeway and down a little more of Livingston, back onto Binder and up a long ass hill to the finish line back by the pool.  We walked all of the UP portions of this course (and there were a lot - yikes!) and mostly ran the downs.  My daughter got a bit of a side stitch she fought about half the distance and so we didn't run some of the flats that I think we probably otherwise could have.  She was a trooper though.  So proud of her!  Seven years old and already knocking out a 5k!  She finished a tenth of a second ahead of me (sprinted through the finish) at 46:27.0. 

I really thought we'd finish faster than that, but such is life.  So I guess that is my new PR for a 5K.  Kind of sad, but better than the 54+ min I took to do it in Pewaukee (after swim & bike).  Guess I'll see what I can do to whittle it down from here.  I really have to figure out how to run at least some of the distance on my tri's or I'll be facing a lot of last place finishes that are so disheartening.


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  1. I've never beaten my older daughter in a 5k and probably never will. I should have raced her when she was 7 but I waited until she was 10. Now she is 15 and is upset when she doesn't break 23:00 for a 5k.

    I raced with my younger daughter at a thanksgiving turkey trot. I could have taken her but she out kicked me at the end.

    It is great to have a family tradition of races. Good job to the both of you. When's the next one?